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    Hellooooooooooooo. My name is Marie. I'm 36 years old. Since April 2011 I have been doing the low carb thing. I did really well until about October. I lost 35 pounds. Since then, with vacation, holidays, business trip, more holidays I put on 7, and have lost 3 of those I'm back to lowest low was 213. I do NOT want to be defined by the scale....

    I've been reading MDA off and on for about 24 hours, before I was a once in a while visitor. I've always been interested in living by the basics, hence the interest in homesteading. About as far into homesteading as I can go right now, is the 3 hens in my backyard and the vegetable garden that they are currently parked on.

    Today i had a big ass salad. It was about 6 cups of vegetables. Romaine, broccoli and green onions. It was leftover from family dinner the night before. I topped it with bleu cheese, bacon, , a chopped egg and ranch dressing. (I usually make my own dressing with mayo and cream and seasonings) I was SO disappointed when I went and logged that big ass salad, and realized how FEW carbs are in it.

    So right now, I'm basically following Atkins, Ongoing Weight Loss, rung 2. SO, in case you don't know, that means 30 net carbs per day, 20 of them coming from vegetables. I've recently started adding veggies to my breakfast, even if it's only a handful of cherry tomatoes. Sometimes I eat almonds, I cut fruit out when I realized i wasn't anywhere near getting off my excrutiatingly long lived plateau...

    I have PCOS. I have Metabolic Syndrome. (Or I used to...i haven't had it checked out lately, but after I lost my first 20 lbs, my triglycerides dropped like 280 points, and all of my bloodwork was perfect. I stil need to go and have a celiac test, and an allergy test, as well as a follow up with my naturopath.

    I've recently started doing cardio intervals, couch to 5k style....or program one on my treadmill. Nothing faster than 5.5 mph. i'm doing this 30 minutes, 2 miles, at least 3 if not 5 days per week.

    So. I've read lots of posts, lots of journals, all of Mark's articles, and I think that I'm already pretty much doing what I should be, but I still have trouble with binge eating, specifically sugary stuff.....I had a perfect week, no cheating, and Friday night, and today....i was really unwise about what I put in my mouth. I even (purposely) made a cup of swiss miss cocoa, and put coconut milk and cream into it.

    Here I am.
    Looking forward to getting this right.....once and for-freaking-all. I do NOT want to be battling this at 40~!!!


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    welcome marie! i totally understand the difficulty. i ate horribly for 25+ years. and there are days when i make horrible choices. two things that have really helped me are making sure that you don't beat yourself up when you mess up. if you have a cheat meal, don't cheat the whole day cause you feel guilty for that meal. enjoy the meal (and for me feel crappy afterward) and then get back to paleo with the next meal. it may take a while to change years of eating habits but hang in there! paleo recipes are everywere! and mark talks a lot about calories not mattering as much. just make sure your quality of food is good and you will see change.