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    Hey Groks and Grokettes!

    I just started Primal on January 2nd and I'm already feeling great and losing weight. Despite this nasty cold that's taking forever to go away.

    Here's the beef.

    I like millions of Americans have been trying to be healthy and lose weight for who knows how many years. I've been reading a lot of books about "real" food and urban gardening the last couple of years and finally managed to find my way to Paleo and then Primal. My friends and I tried a 30 day challenge back last July, but after a week I couldn't manage my cravings for grain and sugar and the crap slipped back in. It was a rough year, I got divorced, my Dad almost died and I bought a house, so my stress levels were through the roof. A terrible diet, depression and lethargy and a general body feel of ick prevailed. Some of which were exacerbated by the poor diet.

    Fast forward to now. I feel great! great as I can with this cold that's almost gone, but I can tell the difference. I also thank this cold for getting me through the first week, because I had major grain and sugar cravings that I might have caved to, had I not been so sick that I couldn't go out after them.

    I am determined to feel as great as I can and finally be able to go out and do all the stuff I like to do like gardening, hiking, biking, swimming and all sorts of other things that I can't think of right now. It's like my poor diet made me feel like I was 70 instead of 33. I want to be active and feel good. Not so tired that all I can do is go home and lay around because I have no energy. Now I have that and as soon as this stupid cold is gone I will be utilizing it.

    I've been eating a ton, well it feels like a ton. I'm not hungry and if I do get hungry I don't freak out like I used to. I have been eating lots of amazing foods instead of just the same couple of grain and sugar filled items I used to. But I'm still eating lots of stuff I used to, just without the grain and sugar. Can you say taco salad, hold the chips? Spaghetti squash "Pasta"? I think that one is my new favorite.

    I can't wait to see what changes 6 months may bring, but I'm taking it one day and meal at a time.

    I am still consuming dairy in the way of cheese, sour cream and some full fat greek yogurt. Though I'm trying to be careful to limit it and not have too much. I do have some weight to lose, though i'm not sure how much. Maybe 50 -70.

    I am also having 1, sometimes 2 squares of Ghirardelli dark chocolate an evening. Though I'm sure I may eventually get over that. It's my crutch to get me off the daily sugar snacking. I ate tons of sugary treats from October - December of last year. What? A sugar addict? Why isn't that strange? Ha ha ha...

    I've been reading a lot of similar stories on here and your successes have given me hope, willpower and determination that I can do it. Thank you Mark Sisson for bringing us health and vitality!

    I am a n00bie Grok! Starting at level 1. Now to go find me some bacon power ups.

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    Hello, I'm pretty new to the PB, too, kind of easing into it over the past few months.

    It's funny, though, because one struggle that you and others mention a lot are the sugar- and grain-cravings. Personally, I just increased my saturated fats and proteins (like munching on nuts instead of chips, sipping on thick Vitamin D milk instead of pop) and so I probably increased my food consumption, and haven't had those cravings too much. (Still, I definitely do pine for cookies and cake a LITTLE bit - and indulge once in a great while.)

    It's also cool to see a fellow Michigander and video gamer here at MDA. Sometimes it seems like this info is censored east of the Mississippi, because everybody is from California, Colorado, or the Pacific Northwest! (Okay, not EVERYBODY, but a disproportionate percentage.)
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      Greetings fellow Michiganders. I am in my third week of eating primal and loving it. I am staying pretty close to 100% and I don't miss a thing. As a matter of fact when I see other people eating the" foods " I have given up I feel sorry for them. I love this way of life and I want others to discover how great it truly is.


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        Today is my last day of week 3, tomorrow starts week 4. I am feeling so much better. I also am trying to stay close to 100%, but i'm trying not to sweat the small things like some store bought condiments. I'm trying to weed them out, but I'm having difficulty finding organic mayo, or at least full fat mayo with olive oil and not soybean. I'm going to try making my own, but olive oil is so expensive and I just paid $7.99 for a 2 cup bottle of the light stuff that I heard was the kind to use in making mayo. That's going to be some expensive mayo. I need to make a trip to the health food store. My local stores also do not carry Almond flour or Flaxseed oil.

        I'm also trying to moderate my dairy intake so it doesn't slow weight loss, but I'm unsure as to what is too much. I'm trying to keep it to a couple of slivers of block cheese a day and only a scoop or two of sour cream if I use it for stuff. I'm also wondering what my carb intake is with all the vegetables. I want to stay under 100g, but I've been learning the winter squashes have more carbs. I want to keep mixing up my veg because don't want to get tired of eating the same thing. I ate cauliflower for 2 weeks and need new veg.

        I wish everybody luck!


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          If you are watching carbs try to keep your veggies in the leafy variety and use just enough of the others to add a little texture, color and flavor.


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            Pretty new here too. Just wanted to say hi to you. I too feel like I am eating a lot of food but I also did a count of my calories for a couple of days....lots of veggies don't really add up to a lot of calories. Hope you are doing well today!