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  • Old to MDA, new to forum

    Love PB and MDA. Doing pretty well but still having a hard time with sugar/carb gravings. It's been maybe a week so I know I need more time I imagine but it's insanely hard. Used to eat WAY to many sugar and crappy carb laden foods and not much exercise due to job and just being lazy. Changing it all now but this detox from sugar and carbs is a killer!

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    I too am old to MDA, but new to the forums.

    I hear you on the sugar/carbs cravings. They are hard to ignore. Lucky for us we found this great site with all the information and support we might need.


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      Welcome aboard.

      I highly recommend going cold turkey, at least for a coupla weeks to get over the cravings. I found it harder if I kept having something sweet every so often until I was through the carb flu.
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      Originally posted by tfarny
      If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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        I agree! Hang tough it will pass! Find some primal foods that you love and think of them when confronted with things you are trying to avoid. Learn new recipes, and immerse yourself! Read at least one success story a day Good Luck! Grok on!
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          I've been doing Primal for 3 weeks and do okay most of the time at home, but when i'm out at work and stuff I sometimes get some cravings. Sometimes the cravings are fleeting and sometimes they are more intense. The first week was the worst for them, but luckily I was too sick to leave the house to go get them. I've been allowing myself 1 maybe 2 pieces of Ghirardelli dark chocolate an evening. It helps me because I know I can have a little bit of chocolate and don't need to have the crappier stuff. I also have been keeping myself going by reminding myself how crappy I felt before and that I want to feel good so I can do stuff, be healthy and return to a healthy weight. Be stubborn and stick with it. It does get easier.


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            I agree...cold turkey. I have only been on the primal journey for a week but I did a two week detox prior to that...and as rough as it was, I am glad I got through the carb does get better.