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    A little background on myself. I'm 28 living in North Idaho, working a graveyard shift as a machinist (yes I shock my body twice a week to get on a day schedule on the weekends). I am married with a highly active 2 1/2 year old son. Both me and my wife are fairly out of shape and somewhat overweight. I have been fighting a nicotine addiction for quite a while now. Currently I'm using nicotine gum but trying to taper off has been difficult. I did kick my addiction to Mt. Dew around Christmas and have not had a pop since then.

    I really want to get into shape and be healthy. I started P90X this week but I think I'm too out of shape for it at the moment or I pushed myself way too hard. My arms are so sore that yesterday I could barely take my shirt off after my workout. It took 10 minutes of stretching my arms this afternoon to push myself out of bed, it is like having two charlie horses in both of my arms. They are the sorest they have ever been. I was thinking that just the exercise alone was going to be enough for a change but I'm starting to realize that I need the diet also.

    Enter the Primal Blueprint. My mother suggested this to me. At first I thought it was a bunch of $#!%, but the more I got to reading the blog posts the more it makes sense to me. I really want to improve the life of me and my family and I'm hoping this is going to be the path to success. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to implement the system yet. I'm not going to force my wife to become primal, that is for her to decide to kick her carb addiction but seeing how I cook most of the dinners I can at least make that one family meal primal. I hope that if I lead she will follow, it's nice to be on the same page with your spouse on lifestyle. Wish me luck and any suggestions for kicking a nicotine addiction would be appreciated.

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    Good luck!!!


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      good luck. I'm hoping for the same thing-i went overseas for work on the 6th of december and started this PB journey while gone. when i get home on the 1st i should be about 19-20# lighter than when i left. starting at 219 thats a significant improvement in a short period of time. I do the cooking when I'm home and hoping that between my cooking PB friendly and seeing my results that she will get motivated to try for herself.
      I have been recommending that family and friends all take a serious look at the PB information-i think they are already sick of hearing from me.


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        Thanks for the encouragement. I know what you mean about people getting sick of hearing about it. There are times where you just have to bite your tongue. My parents have been on a diet similar to PB but more extreme. I was sick and tired of hearing them talk about it. I just wasn't ready to change. I am now. Looks like I've gotta add some more skills to my set. I can cook just not in a PB style. It's going to take some planning and a lot of thought.


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          The slow cooker can be your best friend. Good luck with your efforts - sometimes you just have to push through the pain of whatever it is you're trying to overcome!


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            I second the recommendation on the slow cooker. Seriously, right now it's the best invention on the planet! On Monday mornings I stick a roast (beef or pork, but there are recipes for chicken too) that I've quickly seared on all sides into my crockpot with some veggies and liquid, set it on low, and when I walk in the door, dinner is ready.

            There are tons of recipes on this site: MarksDailyApple Recipes

            Here's one of my favorites for roast 3 ways that includes a *yum* recipe for turnip/cauliflower mash as a side:
            Roast Three Ways

            The roast made me 6 meals (mine was smaller than the recipe though and I'm the only one eating it), and everyone at work was jealous of my lunches. It was ridiculously easy! Just make sure whatever cut of meat you use is not too lean.
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