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  • hi I'm new

    Well I'm not as fierce as I would like to be. I've been semi primal about 10 years and have been in the process of refining my lifestyle the last year or so. I'm ectomorphic and have lost some weight the last few years and been unable to turn the situation around on my own. Last year for a few months I played around with some chronic cardio, albeit more interval training type workouts and less than 40 minutes generally, but just wore the daylights out of me and not what I want to do anymore. I didn't work out that much in my 30s, just focused on eating my animal protein and avoiding carbs. I'm over 40 and also have discovered I may have some kind of thyroid condition, idk what exactly, maybe like Graves or something. My throat is all swollen and black and blue.

    I currently do primal with intermittent fasting. I'm on an Atkins Fat Fast just for kicks which ends Friday and will back on higher calorie primal meals in a few days. I like walking a lot and am planning to buy some heavier weights and a kettlebell.