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Weigh-in and measure isn't until Feb 4th, but this seems too easy.

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  • Weigh-in and measure isn't until Feb 4th, but this seems too easy.

    I am a professional dieter, done all of them including many attempts at Atkins. (which I always had the best luck with in the past weight-loss wise)

    So I started primal(ish) the day after Christmas and I have not had any issues. I mean, really none. I'm perfectly content, have ordered in restaurants, made it through a church potluck, etc...I feel like I must be doing something wrong. I guess my progress report on the 4th will tell the tale, but I'm going to be very surprised if this is doing anything at all for my weight loss goals. Shouldn't dieting be miserable at least some of the time???

    Thanks for any feedback, I would especially like to hear of significant weight loss people have had....


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    No. It shouldn't be hard. TV and marketing companies like to dramatize how painful weight loss and getting healthy is so they can clean up when they say, "Yeah, it's still hard, but it's less hard with OUR plan." Plus, there's huge $$$ in all the chemicals and prepackaged junk they like to sell. I remember when I was doing lowfat years ago that I thought I was so good while eating the lowfat Snackwells. I just put sugar in place of the fat. I was always tired, hungry, and cranky.

    Now, I will say that after my first PEM workout yesterday (pull ups, push ups, planks and squats), that the exercises are challenging and I giggled myself silly as I saw how weak I actually am. But I LOVE it, and I'm *not* an exercise type of gal. It's more of a personal challenge.

    The only thing you might need to be mindful of are sneaky ingredients in restaurants. Over time that becomes easier, but if you're only eating out 1/week, it's less of a big deal. I love Sisson's 80/20 approach~it's a lot less stressful than Atkins.

    Congratulations! Honestly, even if I don't lose a pound or an inch, I'm on board for life because I just feel better. Not even weighing or measuring myself this time. I know it works, don't need to make myself crazy watching it. But that's just me.
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      I totally agree with the health aspects of eating this way. While I do not know any weight particulars yet, I know for a fact that after 2 weeks of this my long standing daily nasal allergies are gone! I've even had co-workers comment on that aspect. So yes, I will continue to eat like this for the other benefits besides weightloss, but it would sure be nice if I had some weight loss too!


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        I hear ya! I *do* know that today, after 16 days eating Paleo and walking a few times a week, the jeans that were so tight at Christmas they were cutting the circulation off in my thighs not only fit, but were a little loose in the thighs and booty. Don't really care about the number on the scale if my skinny jeans fit! (Well, skinny-ish. I would like these jeans to be too big to wear at some point. Soon!)
        I blog about living life to the fullest at The Hairy Edge. Check it out! (Or not. We can still be friends. )


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          First off, welcome, and Great Job:-) Most important of all(IMO) is to not approach this as a DIET. It is a Lifestyle change, and will take time/patience. I assure you, that if you follow the PB(read the book and use it as a reference) and have patience(not worrying abouth what the scale says),take body measurements, and guage how you feel overall, you will find it even easier.

          I'm almost 2 years in 45 yrs Young, and will never look back. I didn't have a lot of weight to lose in the first place, but the other results(energy, strength, sleep, LGN:-), and the GREAT FOOD) have been well worth the journey. There are lots of avenues/help to guide you on your way to a healthier/happier you...Free your Mind, and your Grok will follow.
          Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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            I have been primal since June 2011. I have lost 35 pounds since. The weight loss is great, but... the fact that I am not tormented by sugar crashes after my 8am oatmeal at 11am. The fact that chronic yeast infections were gone after the first month. The fact that a troublesome gall bladder calmed down after 2 DAYS. I was a low fat, high fiber (whole grain), person for years, because that's what CW says is the right way, "diets" were awful, painful, discouraging. This is LIBERATING. I don't have to eat 5 times a day. I'm not a crankenstein if I'm hungry, I'm just hungry without the frantic urgency associated with sugar crashing. As SoccerGrok said, this is a lifestyle, not a diet, and it's wonderful! Welcome and remember, your body is healing from the inside, it's not all about weight loss.


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              Eating what humans are designed to eat should, by definition, not be difficult, and result in a healthy weight. I haven't been doing this for very long at all, but even in the 10 days since I started, I haven't had any problems eating as many calories as I need and not being hungry. And, so far, have lost 3.4 pounds (but who's counting?), despite being sick and completely sedentary for 7 of those days. That's one of my favorite things about being primal, you don't have to worry about what happens when you get hungry - you eat until you're not hungry anymore! Obviously!
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                I love that I eat brekkie at 6am and can go until 1:30 or 2 before having lunch. And most of the time I don't even get hungry for dinner. I'll have a glass of red wine and a square of 88% dark chocolate. Pure luxury.

                What bliss. I used to go absolutely nutz if I couldn't get food instantly. My blood sugar would drop like a rock. And cereal for breakfast? I don't think so. I would be hungry before I left the kitchen.

                What is so great about Primal versus Atkins is that carbs are okay. Dump the grains and eat the tubers and veggies and even fruit. How awesome is this?


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                  its EASY and feels great ...

                  jsut remember to avoid nuts, dairy, and sugary foods while trying to loose weight ...
                  started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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