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  • Primal Dishes at Restaurant

    I went to a new restaurant in Ridgefield Park, NJ the other night and had some really wonderful food that was (shockingly) Primal right off the menu.

    I had a perfectly cooked pork tenderloin served with red cabbage and some kind of port reduction or wine something in there, with just a couple fingerling potatoes on the plate, which I savored.
    My wife got a skirt steak on top of an arugala salad with some goat cheese and her sister got some kind of seafood stew, which had an unbelievable number of different sea creatures in it (I can't do seafood, but it looked amazing).

    Lots of seafood options, oysters, fish, steaks, braised ribs, etc. I was really impressed that I didn't have to mix and match with a bunch of different entrees in order to make it Primal; they're designed that way, so the combinations are perfect. Our server did mention that they only fry using peanut oil, so if you have an allergy (or are avoiding peanuts due to Primal info) don't get anything fried.

    I was pretty happy with our experience there, so I thought I'd share. You can see the menu at their website: M K *v a l e n c i a - Home

    Anyone else have recommendations for particular dishes or restaurants that are Primal-friendly?