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About time i joined and introduced myself i guess

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  • About time i joined and introduced myself i guess

    Well i've been reading the site for a while now and i thought it was about time i joined and thanked MDA. This lifestyle has been the best thing i've done for myself for years. Here's a bit of my story.

    I was the skinny kid in high school, could never gain a pound and was always active in sports or just recreation with friends. I noticed i started to gain weight in my early 20's as i started to drink pretty heavily. I was about 145 lbs when it started. I got a job in 07 that i wasn't very active in. I was already over what i should have been at about 170 lbs. Sat down all shift and there was a lot of sweets brought in. Doughnuts, cookies and just crap in general there every day. On top of this i was on swing shift. I went home and killed a 6 pack of beer every night. Pretty soon i tipped the scales at 210 lbs.

    My wife made off hand comments occasionally about me gaining weight, and i knew i had gained a lot of weight, obviously. I knew i looked bad, but how could i reverse it i thought. I tried a lot of stuff, most of the time i didn't see results in a couple weeks and i would quit. Right after New Year 2011 i was asked if i wanted to go to graveyard. I happily accepted. I'd get to see my wife, eat breakfast and dinner with her daily, sleep weird hours but easy to stop drinking. Exactly what i thought would happen, happened. Regular eating schedule and no more beer every night made me drop about 13 lbs in a couple months, but there i brick walled and couldn't drop any more. I thought to myself, it's about time i started doing something to really get rid of this, but i didn't know what.

    About mid October of 2011 i started working next to this guy who was always fit, running, walking, working out. I'd talk to him about his fitness and what he did to maintain it and he told me he'd lost like 50 lbs. I was like, i think i'm talking to the right guy, i'd love to drop a lot of weight. He started telling me about "going primal". Told me to join MDA, lent me the Primal Blueprint to read, answered all these questions i had about it.

    I went primal in early November. Honestly can't remember what day, but i started at 197 lbs. In 5 weeks i dropped 15 lbs completely effortlessly. I couldn't believe it, but then it all stopped. So here i am today, at 182 lbs, feeling a ton better. I started lifting heavy things a week ago and doing some walking. I only did one workout, let that heal for 4 days and i'm back to working out this week again. But man, i feel so good, sleep great, look better than i have for 4 years at least.

    My end goal is to be 165 lbs, but with a lean mass of around 150. It could take me a while, but i'm up for the task. Thanks Mark Sisson and MDA, i've learned a lot from you guys and hope i can return the favor.
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    Welcome Powder. I'm glad it is going well for you.
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