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Howdy! I'm Chelle from WI

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  • Howdy! I'm Chelle from WI

    Hi everyone! Marks transformations in the making got me motivated to just go for it and quit messing around with the idea of PB. General low carb allows me to consume crap sweetners and frankenfoods thought it controls my blood sugar. It obviously wasn't working for healthy or weight loss so here I am! PB just makes sense.

    I have a lot of weight to lose ( 222 to 136~ was 228 before starting) and have fully accepted that it will not be a fast process and to quit looking for a QUICK magic bullet! I just plain feel better eating this way so far. I am going to start incorporating the exercise tomorrow . I used to be very fit despite being fat but no longer. So anyways.......... I'm working on getting fit, healthy and energetic! I hope you all won't get sick of me picking your brains

    I am the only one in my home that eats this way so that is a challenge. I have a freezer full of beef and chicken. Once that is gone I will make the switch to grass fed. I already have organic free range eggs from my 8 pet hens My hubby is a big hunter so I also have a source of healthy game. We also garden organically and have fruit and berry trees on the property. So, I have a few things going in the right direction already. Now to work on the rest!

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    Welcome and good uck!
    My Leptin Reset Thread


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      sounds like you have an awesome plan going on! Best wishes for you


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        You are doing everything right ... Just take actions and keep patience. Keeping patience is one of the most important key.
        Results will not show up overnight you have to stick to it to get some good results.


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          Thanks for the welcomes. TDrenthe~ patience? Whats that? I need to work on that!