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Day 11

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  • Day 11

    Hey all, my girlfriend and I have completed 10 days of Primal eating.

    As of this past Saturday, I have lost 4.6lbs. I'm going to weigh in again this Saturday, I'm sure I will have lost at least another 2 pounds. I'm feeling thin.

    Also by this time, my energy level is back up. Last week I was dragging...real bad. I was cranky and just very unpleasant. Now, I'm feeling normal.

    My work outs last week were easy to moderate. I didn't work out hard until this Monday. I played hoops with the fellas for almost 2 hours. I was for shit energy. My body wasn't ready for that.

    Anyway, I've been staying under 100 carbs a day. Not by much, I'll tally in at about 95 Carbs each day. I have at least a cup of "half and half" total, in my two cups of coffee each day. I've been enjoying a serving of dark chocolate every day as well.

    My cravings are minimal at best. This Saturday evening I will enjoy my first glass of wine. It'll probably knock me out