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  • 30 Day Challenge Buddy?

    Hey, all.

    A little about me...I'm Katie, 19-year-old dietetics major and health enthusiast hailing from NEPA. Formerly a militant Primal/Paleo follower for about a year, things got derailed when my body fat percentage became too low [according to my gynecologist/physicial], mostly as a consequence of excercise addiction (yeah, it's a real thing! As everything, moderation is key.) A variety of factors contributed to grain and sugar slowly reintegrating itself into my diet for about 7 months. Combined with a lack of fitness, I can totally see why i've been noticing lethargy, less-than-ideal body comp, and higher instance of illness. This girl is totally ready to reclaim her peak health

    So it's time to get back to it! I'm going full speed ahead into the 30 day challenge, and was wondering if anyone would want to join me in the experience for friendly support and communication through the month. More fun with the buddy system, no?

    Cheers & Good Health,


    P.S. As a Dietetics major, I have a lot of practical knowledge of nutrition science to share. I always love a good conversation/debate about realted issues!

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    Hi Katie,

    My name is Pete! I'm 28 years old from Bethlehem, PA. I'm an ex-exercise physiologist and now full-time health and PE teacher. I love everything about the primal blueprint, but I do need that extra push. I just started TRYING again to go Primal about 10 days ago, but have just become very frustrated this week when I haven't really noticed much of a change...I know it's only 2 weeks and I HAVE cheated, so I shouldn't even complain, but I know I've gone 80% Primal over these past 10 days...anyway, I'd be more than game to do that 30 day challenge with you...


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      Hey Pete! Nice to meet you - glad you're in it to win it. Tomorrow is a new day, shiny and fresh.

      My goals for the first two weeks are to be as whole, clean and unprocessed as possible. Minimal dairy (in the full-fat milk and cheese forms), very limited fruit, no artificial sweeteners, and a cut back on caffeine. I really need that shock to the system to mentally get myself in gear and to reacclimate my body to primal nutrition as quickly as possible. In the past i've found that the stricter I go initially the less frequently I get cravings/off track in the long run.

      Here's my email address for you (and anyone else interested) to get in touch through the next 30:
      We can talk recipes and substitutions and mental anguish as our brains flip sh*t from carb addiction remission!

      Now....who else is on board?


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        Sounds great to me...I'll definitely email you as far as info and such. I really don't have a problem cutting out dairy, but the fruit is sometimes where I think I could slow down. I NEED that sugar though at some point during the day, haha. I'm about 5'11'', 215 pounds so until I drop a few lbs, I think I'll try to keep away from the fruit as much as possible. Looking forward to talking to you. Oh yeah: Let's do this!


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          I would also love a buddy! I dove in 100% today. No grains/sugar. Just diet coke, which stops tomorrow! Today has been a little rough with a light headache and lethargy.

          My email is


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            Nice to meet you, primalmommy! As I read your recply I was sipping a diet doctor pepper with a guilty smile on my face. It has come the time that the doctor and I must part our separate ways. Other than that today has been a breeze. I forgot how non-bloated I feel after eating GF meals.

            And my other challenge buddy Pete up there - call him Paul xD

            Hope you two are making it through feeling not too bad!


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              I'm on Day 9 of the 30 day chalenge. Good luck to you all from Arizona.
              Former 400 lb guy who got down to 250 lbs and became incredibly fit but can't lose the last 50 ...then gained 30+ of it back in 2011 and now back to lose the last 80 in 2012! (Jan 2012) Lesson from 2011 - Don't go back to SAD and quit your crossfit workouts thinking you are going to loose 50 more pounds! Lesson learned. Onward and upward!



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                Welcome PrimalMomma!

                Hopefully your Day 1 went as well as mine did. I ate very well today and the only thing I'm not happy with is that I didn't get a workout in...oh well, tomorrow is another day! Best of luck to you!


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                  Same here on the fitness front! Planning on putting together a circuit with my kettle bell tomorrow. Thinking about starting doing set amounts for time so I can track my improvement. We'll see how it goes!


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                    I am totally in for 30 day and beyond. I started about a week ago and so far feel really good. I am not doing the Whole30 tho bc I do still have dairy in my diet. Def made some great meals in the last week and would love to share with you guys. Need to get my fitness in check so I can drop even more.


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                      Hey all ~ Count me in as well.

                      My name is Deb and I just celeberated my birthday on Jan 10 (Nice how Katie started this tread that day!)

                      I've been "mostly" primal for a few months (eating wise) but the past few months have indulged WAY to much with alcohol. I'm ready to be 100% primal so it begins today!!!

                      My SO other and I love to cook so I'll be happy to share recipes, meal ideas and "food porn"
                      "As if you could kill time without injuring eternity"

                      Primal Journal *WinkBlu*


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                        Aloha Everyone

                        My name is Pua from Maui, Hawaii. I am married and have 2 boys!! I have been on and off the Primal life style for the past 3 months but really struggled over the holidays. As of January 5th I have been almost 90% primal. One week down.... My biggest challenge is fruit....I eat on average 7-8 servings a week...I need to get it down to 4....I find myself needing it on school days, where I am in lectures from 9-3pm....Any suggestions/alternatives?? Another challenge for me is being motivated to workout or not working out as hard so I am not so sore that I have to let my body rest 2-3 days...I need to add sprinting, slow walking and more play time...I do lots of body weight exercises...just need to shake it up a bit.

                        Here are my current stats....5'2 and 153lbs...goal, fit and beautiful....I am ready for the challenge!!!Let do this!!!