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Introduction...about two weeks in.

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  • Introduction...about two weeks in.

    Hi! My name is Lori. I'm an overweight female, just turned, well, I don't know what to say I'm doing exactly. Here is what I've done since the day after Christmas, maybe you can tell me, primal vs paleo. I don't know if it really needs a name...

    1. All grains-out
    2. All dairy out except butter and heavy cream in my first cup of coffee for the day
    3. Processed sugar-out (unless it creeps in, but that one can be tough). I've always limited sweeteners, blecht.
    4. I haven't eaten any fruit, but I might after the first 30 days
    5. I eat sweet potatoes, and will probably have white potatoes again at some point
    6. I cook with coconut oil or olive oil or butter

    I feel fantastic! My long standing allergies that I had every single day of the year, have cleared up. That was an unexpected surprise to me! And the first benefit I really noticed.

    I weighed in at the halfway point of my 30 days and had lost 7 pounds. I have about 50 more to go, so I'm not surprised the first little bit would come off quickly.

    Anyhow, I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I started out on the Robb Wolf forum but nobody was really talking too much over there. I like a good forum discussion!

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    Welcome Lori. A little fruit is good. And I eat lots of potatoes. (I don't label myself primal.) Sounds like you are doing well.
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      Sounds like you are doing great, except that olive oil shouldn't be cooked with, it doesn't have a high smoke point, coconut oil is better, plus its much better for you
      There is a post on oils on here someplace.

      Its great you feel so good, I do too, and I love it


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        If you find over time you need to limit dairy (some of us it just doesn't agree with) try bulletproof coffee with ghee Actually just try it even with the butter, its amazing


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          Hi Lori. I'm new here myself. 1/3/12 I went grain & sugar free. Also limiting my fruits for now. Eating lots of veggies and meat. Exercise 5 X a week (pretty much along the primal way). Just yesterday I started to notice....I feel pretty good! Great maybe even.

          Good luck on your journey.


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            Hi Lori;
            I'm new around here too but been dabbling w/ paleo the past year or so. Welcome fellow newbie!

            Sounds like what you are doing is working well. I second the bulletproof coffee idea. It helped me give up sweetener in coffee and it's good!

            I also feel much better eating this way. I also suggest you include lots of different veggies cooked in coconut oil to get
            your nutritional "input" up and also for fiber, satisfaction, etc. Good luck on your journey!


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              Hi everyone! And thank you for the welcome! I am new enough that I have no idea what bulletproof coffee is. I will definitely check it out. I have never liked sweet coffee, so it is the creaminess of the cream that I like. I also drink black coffee at work, no problem. (I'll work on that addiction later)

              I'm not eating fruit for the first 30 days. Isn't that right? And actually not having anything sweet seems to have helped me with carb cravings.

              It's funny because coconut is about the only thing in the whole world that I will not eat. There will be no coconut "flour" in my future. But I got the coconut oil a few months back to condition my hair. Now I'm cooking with it! I'm doing alright with it, as it doesn't taste coconut-ie to me. My favorite thing so far is to make fried sweet potatoes, beet, and onions in coconut oil. Delish! And gets me eating a veg (beet) that I normally probably wouldn't.


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                I am not eating fruit as I know it stops my weight loss, but you may be able to eat some, but not having it for 30 days will be a good start Then have the odd piece and see how you go