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  • Hello All.

    So as not to bore anyone I'll try and hit the high points; i'm 47 chronologicallly, (20 years older physically i'm sure). I take high bl pressure meds, high chol meds, and daily migraine preventatives. previously I was sucking down 4-6 mtn dews a day and would run from water like I had the rabies. I'm 5'6 168 lbs, most of it around my gut. ( i used to teach martial arts and could go all day, now i get winded walking the stairs). I have a 16 yr old special needs daughter and a 4 year old daughter at home and a wife i don't deserve but desperately love.
    oh, im also supposed to be sleeping like darth vader with a c-pap machine every night. fat boi curse.

    After finally getting it through my thick dome that I NEEDED to be around a long time to take care of my 16 yr old and if i was to be any fun at all to my 4 yr old (not to mention my awesome wife..) I had to change. I'm a UFC junkie and heard one of the fighters, Matt Danzig I think, mention the paleo diet so I brought it to my wife and we started it on Jan 1st of this year.

    one week into it i'm loving the "eat meat" aspect of it. I have gone completely off soda and drink only water, albeit with a squirt of Mio, now. I'm still the same weight but feel much better. im walking on the office treadmill at work at lunch instead of taking a nap at my desk. Im so very inspired by everyone on here and my goal is to one day have one of those 'holy cow' success stories printed one day. (even though im too embarrassed to take a before pic. "Don't look at hideous!!"

    be well and be blessed.


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    Welcome Furrtig! I hope primal goes really well for you. I look forward to seeing your 'holy cow' success stories. It can happen.
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