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  • Not started yet but cant wait!

    Hi all

    OK first of all let me say I haven't actually started primal yet, however I had done it previously about 4 months ago with reasonable results. My belly went flat and I had tons of energy, I was literally busting out of my skin, which for me was amazing as working mother of two preschoolers I was generally always tired.

    My home had never been so organised! Or so clean!!!

    I have always been a gym goer and I was finding when i started primal I could do two group classes in a row step followed by pump. I know i know chronic cardio, but i was just bursting with energy and i LOVED it!!!

    Then I made the mistake of thinking it was all about the carbs and making bad choices by getting alot of stuff with artifical sweetners and sugar free chocolates and lollies. In addition i started to feel pretty awful as I had stopped eating fruit (too many carbs I though) and very limited veg. I also took drinking in moderation a bit too far. I like a glass of wine, but I was drinking a couple of bottles during the week with another couple on the weekend. Weight crept back.

    So went back to weight watchers, with good success at first. Got down to 56kg (have no idea what that is in pounds, maybe 123 ish. I'm 5ft 2") the weight went back up for no reason and I just couldn't shift it again.

    So i got out my primal blueprint again and reread it and released where I went wrong perhaps.

    So pretty excited about getting back to it.

    The reason I haven't yet is that I have to finish the weight watchers frozen meals i have in my freezer (I have 6 left, i counted them today) LOL!

    SO if anyone reads this I was wondering if they could give me their opinion on how many carbs I should eat.

    I wanted to do the ketosis thing but remembered how ill i felt when i've eaten only a few carbs in a day ( I have done atkins previously too). 50g seems a good amount, but then thinking I would not have anywhere to move if I plateau. 70g seems a bit high to an ex low carber, and wont shift weight much. So a bit lost.

    BTW: I have set a goal to reach 52kg ideally (i think that is 115 pounds). I am 39 (40 this year eeeeeeeeeeek!) 5'2" and currently at about 130 pounds. I haven't gone to gym for couple of weeks as xmas period and on holidays, but otherwise I would probably go 3 times a week. Dropped step classes, now only doing Pump but want to start doing gym macines and lifting heavy things.

    Does anyone know where I can work out what my body fat is, my nutritional requirements and calorie intake.


    Looking forward to starting the journey.
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    Hey, good move getting back to primal
    No need to wait until you've finished the WW meals to start, just make primal decisions about your other meals, what you drink, your exercise, sleep etc. The Primal Blueprint isn't a "diet" after all, but a lifestyle
    The answers to all of your questions and much more can be found here: Newbies Start Here: Primer to the Primal Blueprint Lifestyle | Mark's Daily Apple Health and Fitness Forum page

    Enjoy the reading
    If you're interested in my (very) occasional updates on how I'm working out and what I'm eating click here.

    Originally posted by tfarny
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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      I agree with Misabi - just start. I had plenty of home made but un-primal meals in the freezer when I started and I just gradually ate them while eating primally the rest of the time. Anyway, the actual reason I posted is that I'm an ex WWer too, lost the weight and kept it off but just looking to make it easier and be healthier. Oh, I didn't eat the meals/bars/other stuff though... I'm not going to try to talk in those funny measurements - I'm 163cms, 60 kgs but should be 57 and 46yrs old, anything around 100g carbs is fine by me.
      Lost the weight using CW. Now I just want to be healthier.
      Lisa's primal-ish when she feels like it journal.
      Feel free to read and/or comment, but don't expect me to listen.
      Distance walked 2012: 321 kms as of June 15.


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        Thanks for your comments guys.

        Weighed myself this morning. Offically 59.5kg (or in funny measurements 131.2 poumds) OMG!
        Took my before photo. Couldnt get over the fact that when looking at the photos after I wasn't as huge and disgusting as I thought! Still definately plenty of room for improvement!

        I will post photos on my journal.
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