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  • Completely GrokaFied...

    This is my first journal with Primal Living in the Modern World.

    I have only my husband to thank for introducing me to the PB and MDA! Funny as it may be, his intension was much other than being primal when he stumbled upon Mark Sisson's book - "The Primal Blueprint". All I can say on that is that being primal has been the best relationship advice I could've asked for. Things at home were getting more and more negative with my husband and I. Even though we both had the ability to do something different, it seemed we only had the motivation to continue to self destruct. My husbands discovery of PB and MDA has been the perfect motivation to make personal, positive and productive changes, individually as well as relationship wise. I know that his motivation for being primal isn't all about our relationship, however, since we've started this journey, there has been much less grumpiness, tension and arguing on both our parts. I must say, it's been quite a challenge trying this new leaf during the holidays but surprisingly enough we did pretty darn good, all things considered! What a difference eating and drinking the right foods can make on your mind, spirit and motivation - not to mention your physique! I thought that the way I/we were eating was pretty great compared to most, but the things I've come to learn, in just a short time, the affects that certain foods alone can have, makes SO much sense. I am amazed but not surprised with how food has affected my mind all this time.

    As far as my overall physique: I don't have much to loose rather than to just shape. I have a small frame and am slim. That said, based on my genes, I have the potential to be on the large side. One of my motivators in having good health has been my family. They are not healthy physically or otherwise. It drives me crazy! I refuse to die from hart failure and/or suffer from such bad arthritis that it affects the way I walk! I always thought that because I have managed to stay thin and somewhat in shape that I was doing well health wise. But, in the back of my mind figured it was still only a matter of time before my genes caught up with me. In getting educated, I realize that it doesn't have been just a matter of time. Now if only I can get my family on board.

    In my future journals I will be tracking: our amazing meals, my daly spirit, mood and overall motivation, the different affects any indulgences may have, exercise/the muscle tone I intend on gaining in the next few months, and perhaps some general things happening at the home front.

    A shout out to Primal G for his discovery. Here's to a fantastic 2012
    - Grok On!

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    I love your attitude and story! Looking forward to reading more.
    Making adventure out of this thing called life


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      I like it....

      I think we'll do well together on this journey.

      GROK ON!!


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        Thanks! I am finding it very encouraging...and comforting, having such a large community by my/our side. I am still navigating my way through the forums. Currently trying to join some groups - I'll figure out how eventually ')
        I like your photo blog. I'll be tuning in for sure....