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A newbie intro, and anyone starting the 21 Day Transformation?

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  • A newbie intro, and anyone starting the 21 Day Transformation?


    I'm brand new to this forum. This past October I discovered this website and started the transformation to primal living. I did quite well for about a month and lost some weight. I have quite a bit of weight to lose, about 60 lbs. After about a month, I got sick, which derailed me. I had no appetite for eating veggies or fruits. All I wanted was potatoes, rice, plain things like that. Since then it's been a big challenge for me to get back on track. There are other factors, too. My husband refuses to go primal. He has a tough time accepting any non-mainstream way of thinking. But he supports the fact that I want to do it. He is working on getting healthier (he is a big guy), and maybe with time I'll convince him!

    I also have a stressful job and am a big time emotional eater. There always seems to be junk food at work, and when I get stressed, I automatically reach for whatever junk food is closest to me, even when I have healthy snacks at my desk. I've responded this way to stress and emotions since I was in the 3rd grade, about 25 years ago. However, when I get started eating primally/low carb, and stick to it for a few days, this urge goes away.

    Anyhow, I want to start the 21 day transformation to get me back on track, on Monday January 2nd. Is there anyone else who will be starting this? Maybe we can support each other?

    Thanks for reading!

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    I've been there myself. The hardest part about losing a lot of weight is not the dietary change necessarily but breaking the emotional connection food has for you. I've made great strides in this in the past three or four months by reminding myself each time I feel driven to eat something that I've had my chances to indulge in the past and will have occasional opportunities going forward but that for right now I have to make the right decision. Focusing on being perfect one meal/snack at a time is how you have to start...Then as you become more consistent in your good decisions and you starting seeing results you have more and more to motivate yourself with. Hopefully this helps! I know it's definitely helped me.
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      Hi CrazyMary!

      This sounds so similar to my story, with just a few differences. I've been Primal for a year and a half, lost 45 lbs (approx 200 to 155). Stalled there, but since it was really only 10lbs or so from my goal weight I was ok with it. But for the past few months I have been cheating and gained back 10 lbs or so. I also have problems with bingeing and emotional or boredom eating. My wife is mostly unsupportive and will not do anything non-mainstream either. But she doesn't have problems with weight.

      I don't want to buy bigger clothes again, I already gave them all away. So, I had already set a goal day for the beginning of next month to re-dedicate myself. I think it would be great to form a support group!