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New mostly paleo eater from down South. . .

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  • New mostly paleo eater from down South. . .

    Hi there,

    Since June 2010, I've lost half of me (was 340lbs at 5 ft 11 inches - 56 inch waist).

    I'm now around 185lbs - 34 inch waist.

    Mostly eating better and less and lots of bicycling. I gave up my car and am exclusively a bicycle commuter.

    Here to understand better this way of doing things - I've been doing paleo-sorta since October. Basically, I've followed everything with regards to glutens, grains, legumes, etc - but I have not given up milk products (only 2 actually - greek yogurt and cottage cheese - and well butter).

    In my area there is NO grass fed beef available. I've even been bold and cold called farmers. Just nothing. So I've made do with grocery store stuff. There is no trader joes. There are no farmers markets. There is no whole foods. Just walmart and a local small grocer.

    I'm not rich - and am here in trying to figure out how to do the best with what I have. I have switched to omega 3 free range eggs - thats about the best I can seem to do here :P

    My goals are to take my 185lbs - get down to 170lbs - increase my lean muscle mass, and get ready for bicycling season next year. For the first time, I'd like to compete in some cat 5 races. I'm 37 years old.

    I'm currently working on stronglifts 5x5.

    I haven't given up 'cardio' despite it's dislike as I can directly attribute much of my success so far to it.

    Before October I was the guy eating tons of oatmeal and fruit eating one piece of lean meat a day.

    Now I'm eating tons of eggs, hamburger, some steak when I can afford it, chicken livers, chicken, etc - and tons of veggies - with much less fruit. I only drink plain tea, coffee, and water.

    So yea - greetings!

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    Hi, solennial. Welcome. You didn't mention where in Arkansas you are, but here is a link to a page that lists grassfed farms in your state: Eat Wild - Arkansas.

    You can also order grassfed meats and poultry from US Wellness Meats or sellers listed on this page: Eat Wild - Farms That Ship
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      Yea, I don't live in the right part of the state. That map that was linked to, look at the pins - now look as far away as you can :P. . . .

      I live in a pretty remote place. I've looked at the shipping thing, sadly - my financial abilities are not there. I have looked, believe me.


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        When you say farmers, did you try lifestyle block owners? Might be worth looking into, here in New Zealand there are many lifestyle block owners who are known to sometimes sell their cattle.

        Just a thought. Also, your story is good to hear since you were where I am now. I'm sort of looking forward to getting started.

        Good luck with the meat, buddy.


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          Welcome. You don't have to give up dairy unless it is causing problems. Butter, for sure, should be fine.

          Getting lots of exercise is fine. Variety will help the problems of chronic cardio.
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