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  • hey hey and yo yo

    Add another grok to the list.

    I still can't get over the whole eat fat dealio, but I love fat so I am game...

    So we are clear we are talking about eating the good fat, not the corn oil deep fried shaite?

    Ok so here is my first official question. I understand we eat lots of fat right, but that is always in proportion to the calorie intake?

    Right now I am on 1200 calories.. I've rarely felt hungry on even a thousand. It's bad I know. SO I want to go eat some wings right.. and according to my calculations that's 962 calories and 60g of fat, assuming it's not good cause it's prolly deep fried (from Buffalo Wild Wings.)

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    You don't have to specifically seek out fat to eat. Just buy fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and nuts as a start. If you like Buffalo wings, then make your own with ingredients that you select rather than buying wings from a bag or restaurant.


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      haha, not seeking it out, just been craving wings...and beer, I know I know it's bad.

      Yep already done the whole vegetables (steamed then with chilli oil, yum), fresh meants and fruts and nuts.. that parts done!!!


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        I love wings too. I make them from time to time. I also love chicken leg/thigh quarters baked till the skin is crispy. Really good!


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          oh man have you ever tried baking them??? CHilli paste (sambal Oelek), fresh garlic /ginger, soysauce, honey, cilantro to garnish. Marinate then bake.

          Lord they are good!!!