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    Hi all
    I've went primal about a month ago. It wasn't that difficult for me as I rarely ever touched stuff with white sugar or flour, but I've cut some of the things I didn't realise were so high in carbs. Like mango, figs etc...
    I'm not that active but I have increased my movement and I'm daily doing squats with some weights. I park a long way from the door and throughtout the day walk through the office building going up and down as many stairs as I can. I've fluctuated up and down between 2 lbs since I started and am super frustrated b/c I don't see where I can make too many more changes either to my food intake or my physical output. My excess weight is all in my gut and don't feel like myself with this big belly.
    As much as I can, my meats are 'grass fed' organic, and I only buy organic (local when possible- I live in Canada and local isn't possible during the winter months) produce. Any suggestions.

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    I would start by posting everything you eat in a given day, as well as exactly how much time you are spending walking. We can give you feed back based upon that.
    With the walking...dont estimate. Give us an exact time (give or take 5 minutes) of how much dedicated walking you are doing.
    I think thats a good starting point to figure out where there is room for improvement.
    "Your actions speak to me so loud, I can not hear a single word you are saying."


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      So we can better assist you, please post your gender, height, weight, a day or two worth of food, a week's worth of exercise, and anything else you think might help. The ones I listed are just the starting point.


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        okay, so I'm 56, female, 5'7" 195 lbs.
        An average day of 'Primal' eating would be 1-2 eggs, 2-3 slices bacon for breakfast. One cup black or green tea (I put 1 tbsp of Stevia or 1/2 tsp honey).
        Lunch- BIG salad- lettuce, spinach, onions, peppers, celery and some chopped almonds. I use olive oil and lemon juice as dressing.
        Dinner is 1 chicken breast, sometimes baked, or fried in butter. Always 2-3 cups of steamed greens (broccoli, kale, chard, spinach) with a bit of butter melted.
        For snacks I have some brazil or mac nuts.
        I walk 1 hour 3x a week. do squats with 12lb weights 3-4 times a day (10 reps).
        That's it. Today I was up 5lbs. I'm ready to pack it in and head to Weight watchers, but would rather not. I'm losing faith in Primal


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          1. Cut the snacks. Eat meals.
          2. Do you know that you haven't lost any fat? I.E., did you take measurements when you started? How do your clothes fit? You may have lost fat and gained muscle without realizing it.
          3. Read the "Ditch the Scale" thread in the Meet and Greet forum. The scale doesn't tell you what you really need to know.
          4. Primal is not a weight loss plan, but a healthy living plan. How do you feel? Have there been any other improvements that you've noticed? Sometimes those extra little bonuses add up to a lot in quality of life.
          5. Primal is not a weight loss plan, but a healthy living plan. It may take several weeks for your body to heal from the damage that has been done to it over the years. You aren't the only one.
          6. Get more sleep.
          7. Get more sunshine or supplement with Vitamin D.
          8. Relax. Stress causes fat storage.

          The walking is fantastic. The squats are mostly irrelevant at this point, so you could keep at them or stop, I think.

          You are doing things right, for the most part, as far as I can tell. Relax and give it another few weeks.


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            I didn't specifically take measurements for this, It was hard enough getting on the scale. My clothes are fitting pretty much the same, I fluctuate so much that one day I can feel like I've lost 10lbs and the next day feel like I've gained it. I'll read the recommended forum and see if there is something there for me.
            As for how I feel, I can't say I feel any better. I have a heart condition and I'm on heavy medications (which I'll be on for life) and they create profound fatigue for me and so I don't have a lot of energy but love to get out and walk in nature, so do that as often as I can.
            I have menopausal insomnia and so often wake feeling like I'd been hit by a mac truck. I meditate daily and don't feel like I'm stressed but I get that stress connection and the body holding on to fat.
            I've been doing the weighted squats in lieu of sprinting and carrying heavy things.
            I know you say Primal is not a weight loss plan but the books sure express that as a BIG result, so I got into it primarily for just that.
            Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give it another month and see what happens.


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              I understand. Not losing is frustrating.

              Exercise is great. Keep doin' it. But it doesn't burn off much fat. If you are lethargic, that does reduce the amount of fat you burn. Don't know what to tell you other than maybe CoQ10 for energy.

              Do you eat meat other than bacon and chicken breast? It is fine, but variety is good, especially beef and fish.

              Sprints don't have to be running. I do water aerobic sprints. For you, a sprint might be walking fast for 30 seconds. Everyone can do sprints and they are very important.

              What heart meds are you on? Whether to take them is between you and your doc. But when I started eating ancestrally (I don't label myself primal), was on a diuretic. Now I'm not only off it but have to work hard to stay hydrated to avoid kidney stones. I also refused to take the other standard meds and I am doing great.

              Good luck with primal. If it doesn't work for you, remember that there are other ancestral-oriented approaches.
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