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  • Brand spanking new!

    Hi all!!

    I've been reading all about going Primal for a couple of weeks and really would love to give it a try !

    There is one issue however...I am vegetarian. Not because it's a fad and I just want to not eat meat. I used to have a bad reaction to eating meat and stopped when I was 13 years old....23 years ago! So, eating meat and eggs as part of my diet is not an option.

    I just wondered if there is anyone else out there following this way of life and NOT eating meat??

    Would love to hear some opinions!

    Thank you!!!!

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    Does your definition of meat include chicken and fish? What sort of reaction do you have? I'm not sure you can meet your protein needs without some sort of animal products. I was vego for nearly 2 yrs (still ate eggs) and very conscious of balancing protein and still ended up overweight and anemic so, despite my ethical concerns, I came to the conclusion that my body needs meat. I deal with it by eating only organic or biodynamic meat.

    Sorry if that's not quite what you needed...


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      Thanks so much for the reply!!! I am talking to my husband (a meat eater) about possibly trying meat again, which he is very excited about, even if I start with chicken soup or something similar. But in case that doesn't work for me I wanted to know if anyone does this without eating meat.

      I used to get horrendous stomach pains and was often very sick until I stopped eating meat. I currently don't eat meat, fish, chicken or eggs. I do eat milk, yoghurt and cheese etc.
      I want to do this so that I can start building lean body mass and lose the fat, I understand completely the connection between carbs and body fat and have already cut down a huge amount of carbs, only eating complex carbs from fruit and veg!


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        Haha! My DH was very happy when I decided to eat meat too! I agree it's probably a good idea to ease into it. Soup or stock made with bones is a good idea, chicken or fish soup is not too heavy. And maybe try sneaking a little meat or egg into foods that you usually make.

        I am the same, I need to get some muscles on me! Good luck and make sure you post your progress.