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    Mark and all,

    I am an educated person who loves to continue learning and questioning what I know. In recent years I've come across paleo/caveman/primal diets, and read stuff from time to time about each. 2 months ago there was an article I read on about the 21 Day Total Body Transformation Primal Diet book, and a link to it on Amazon. I sent it to my wife and encouraged her to read the summary. We both wanted to make changes in our diet and exercise, but had not decided on what we feel makes the most sense. I've always been in pretty good shape (muscular and cardiovascular from years of chronic cardio), but in the past few years have developed a belly from sitting on my butt too much at work (SW engineer). The time to act was NOW.

    Long story short, in 1 month of eating per Primal guidelines, I have seen the following health improvements (exercise has not been incorporated yet):
    1. My "I'm not a morning person, I don't wake up feeling rested, it's a struggle to become coherent in the morning" mantra of the past 25 years literally DISAPPEARED in the first week. I don't drink soda and have eliminated occasional lattes and fast food. I always thought my problem was genetic (even had an overnight EKG study done 15 years ago, showed my brainwaves were all out of whack). Now I get sleepy by 10pm (with the addition of f.lux app and yellow safety glasses, THEY WORK FOR ME), I stay asleep all night, I wake up at 6:30am, I am alert and feel rested, and I go all day without any pick-me-ups. I only changed my diet, so the engineer in me says it must be the diet that caused the change. To me it is a life-long problem that disappeared, and is literally a miracle to me.
    2. My "I have a short alarm system for bowel movements, so must race to the bathroom" and "my stool is all splatters" has also disappeared. I have healthy solid stool, and I feel sensations of needing to use the toilet and have ample time to address it.
    3. Because of 1-2 I am a slightly happier person.
    4. I have lost some weight, probably 5 pounds around the waist (pants are more loose).
    5. My wife is preparing dinners and they are DELICIOUS. I have always loved vegetables, but her not so much the case. We joined a CSA and my wife discovered that she loves cabbage, beets, carrots, etc. By her being open minded, and me slowly working on her over the years, we are doing the primal diet together and both love it and will NEVER go back to sugars and carbs.
    6. I have cut out all grain based carbs, processed foods, sugars, etc. and I do not miss it. As a test I had a sandwich a few days ago. Within an hour I felt nauseous in my stomach, it felt like a rock was in my gut, and I felt this way for the next 6 hours. I don't think it was a fluke, so I don't want to be scientific about it and take multiple samples.
    7. I don't get a distended belly any more after eating. My thought is that my body (when considering item 2) is processing water better.

    Cheese is rarely a guest in my house because it is my kryptonite. My goal is to get the Primal diet and exercise going strong for 6 months so I can trust myself that I've made the necessary lifestyle change, and then cheese can be invited back in. I rescinded its invitation and can always invite it back in (like a vampire).

    There are several other minor improvements, and some that I hope to see in time. Your 21 Day Total Body Transformation book makes perfect sense to me (again, I'm a SW engineer and very analytical and data driven). Thank you for writing your book. I am kicking myself for not thinking of the obvious long ago, but at least I'm there now while I'm still young. And I have my beautiful wife to thank for changing my life with embracing the dietary changes and food preparation.
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