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  • Just saying hi. :)

    I'm new here, but I might have posted a year or so ago when I first started reading Mark's Daily Apple and thinking about changing my way of eating... SAD. Long story short, my highest weight was 295 when I went to the doctor feeling terrible and got diagnosed with high blood pressure, and I'm now down to 273 ish with half assed attempts to cut out gluten (I am sensitive or intolerant to it according to an IgE test and the way I feel on it).

    So, I have made some progress since April 2010, but not nearly enough, and I'm tired of dabbling around. When my weight hit 278 last week, I said enough is enough. I can either feel crappy, battle PCOS unsucessfully, stay on metformin when I'm not sure I need it if I'd just eat/live better, take bp meds all my life (and maybe I will have to... but hopefully not) and feel foggy when I cheat eating wheat and generally having a lower quality of life.

    No more. So, of course, in the week or less since I kicked my butt into gear, I'm feeling so much better. The brain fog is lifting, and I love how I feel mellow and clear after meals now. And that's with not being perfect. But with making progress.

    I suspect I am indeed sensitive to rice and grains in general. So, I'm working to cut all of that out and detox from the brainwashing I've accepted that says one needs these things for health. For me, I'm taking it as fast as I can but slowly if that makes sense. Perhaps I'll start a journal.

    I'm glad to be here... and am reading, reading, reading.

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    I'm glad you are here too. Read, ask, but do what is advised. It's not about the weight so much as about the health. Please do it for your health. Carol


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      Welcome gazelle. You are on the right track, and becoming Primal will make your body and mind feel in ways they never have(or maybe haven't for a long time). Keep patience, and try not to look at the numbers on the scale. Instead, look to how you feel. Check measurements. Don't get discouraged if you slip up(we all have). Just start over. Remember, this is not a DIET, it is a lifestyle change. Eat clean, and your body will feel the same way. Ask for help, there's lot's here. Good luck. Free your mind, and your Grok will follow:-)
      Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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        Welcome and good luck.
        Character is both developed and revealed by tests, and all of life is a test.
        -Rick Warren


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          Thanks, all! I know that diets don't work for me, so it is and will be a lifestyle change for health. I'm amazed at how good I feel already. I'm working on cutting out artificial sweeteners, and I've ditched Diet Coke and am down to a half pack of the pink stuff a day. I'm also eating fewer grains now. Yay! And I love the forums here. So supportive...