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Winter's lurking - good time to become primal I say

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  • Winter's lurking - good time to become primal I say

    oh yah, winter! Hard to imagine that somewhere the weather is not balmy and sunny when one looks at the pic header on each page of Mark's website heh. You sure live in paradise man.
    Winter, a time where human living in northern hemisphere traditionally have a gut feeling to start eating hearty,fatty and heavy foods to build that layer of fat to survive the harsher conditions lying ahead....
    It seems that for me that fat layer has been building now for season's in, season's out. And, my body stop moving for the last two years, no exercise, no sports, nada. Stuck in a rot... And gained 25 pounds. Lord. When I looked in the mirror, I was joking saying I was starting to look like my mother with her barrel torso :-)
    Last June, knowing I was going to have a Hawaiian vacation in the coming February, I tried my surfing short (last wore two years earlier)... Horror. The short do not fit, not at all. There is a huge V at the fly, doesn't close and looking in the mirror, told myself: "No. No freaking way, I am going to go to Hawaii looking like this. My bikini, oh no... Shame I felt. Shame to have let myself go down like this. Shame for not honouring my body, my beautiful, able body. To have let it go out of whack, to the point I couldn't go snowboarding of surfing fearing injuries because of my weak muscles and shape.
    I swore I would change things around and reclaim my health and fitness. I started to follow the Fit for Life way - only and lots of fruits until noon. No combining grains and protein. Low fat...
    To get back in shape, I got the MaxWorkout (which switched my exercise notion to work really hard no more than 30 min with minimal rest ) and begun to do this with a couple of spinning session a week. Being on the forum of MaxWorkout, I learned about Mark's Daily Apple site, wow, my life is changing.... Just became primal.
    Its been a week, I have read so much on this site and it makes so much sense to me. Its been a week now, quit the grains, eating more good fats, low carbs for fat loss. I have started to melt away. But most importantly, I started to breathe easy. I always had problems breathing through my nose. I bought it was either the dairy or the fact that I have a fairly thin nose and I broke it at age 15. Even went to see a doctor and he suggested to me to operate it to open up the passage. I can breathe now, its not 100% but its much better. I believe its the no grain miracle.
    I find the hardest is not for me to follow the way of nutrition, its the attitude of people around me. "How can yo do this? What do you mean, no rice either? Common, why go to extremes like this. Its not forever right, just until you loose your weight for Hawaii? Crazy chick!"
    I guess its always been hard to live your life outside the "box".
    Anyway, that is my story and Im sticking to it :-) I feel great and thats what matters.
    To my Primal fellows, hi ya'll.