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  • New from Canada

    Hello all!

    I'm not necessarily new to primal/paleo eating, but new to this forum and MDA.

    I've been Paleo for about 3 months but still fall off the wagon at times and have a lot to learn.

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    Welcome Lulu! I'm new here too (and from Canada - Ontario!) - also new to primal eating. I just sort of threw myself into it one day a couple weeks ago and I feel great. For some reason I haven't thrown out all my grains yet... I haven't eaten any grains but there's definitely an emotional attachment there lol.


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      Probably should've posted a bit about me.

      I stumbled upon Paleo in July of this year and started immediately. I saw a 10lb weight loss in the first month alone, but slowly fell off the wagon for the month of AUgust. That weight loss came back with a vengeance but I didn't give up. Started back on track in the fall, with a few bumps along the way, but I've generally been Paleo for a few months now. I read Loren Cordain's "paleo diet" and went from there.

      A friend told me about The Primal Blueprint and I'm partway through the book right now. While I've always written my food down, I just started tracking on FitDay so I can see the carb grams I'm eating per day since weight loss is my main goal.

      Now for the nitty gritty. I'm 35 years old and need to lose at least 50lbs to be in a healthy weight range. I lost about 20 on CW (Weight Watchers, Jillian Michaels, etc) but have never enjoyed the process and couldn't see me living my life that way. I have depression and am currently on 50mg of lexapro with the goal of being medication free by my 36th birthday (May 2012). I have severe tailbone pain and see a "life by design" chiropractor at least once a week and more if time allows.

      I'm training for a 10K at the moment (although much different than my last 10K training (pre primal)). I'm also starting to lift heavy weights and enjoy some "play" every week.

      Right now I'm just trying to put it all together and be in the best health of my life and live an optimal existence.