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  • Big Guy Back at it Again

    Hey folks,

    Well, have tried paleo a couple of times and each time I enjoyed it. The longest time I've done it has been 3 months. The issue is that I have a problem with binge and compulsive eating. I've been in OA for over a year now and decided to try eating primal again. My body needs to heal and I need to do something that will help the urge to binge on carbs to go away. The only thing that has done that is eating a relatively low carb version of primal. So, I'm going to try it again and see what happens.

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    Hope it goes well for you, perhaps make it doable by doing one step at a time.
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      Welcome! And congratulations on being in OA for over a year!
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        You can be primal and still have your carbs.
        Just eat real foods without toxins, stay away from packaged, precooked garbage.

        My husband is kind of like you, big guy with a huge craving for carbs when he tries to cut them down. So for him we decided to just cut out wheat and ALL man-made sugars especially high fructose corn syrup and guess what, he lost 30 lbs!!!

        After his 30 lbs weight loss he is now staying at his new weight (which is still too high), so he would have to take the next step and perhaps drop his morning cereal which consists of pasteurized whole milk and granola, corn cereals, which he eats sometimes 2x a day.

        So you see, you dont have to dive in head first. Eat real foods, that are toxin free. NO wheat!