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    Hello everyone. Just want to introduce myself and say thanks to Mark and this way of living. I've been primal for about 4 weeks and I am so excited about the changes that are taking place in my body.

    I have never been extremely overweight throughout my lifetime (38 years), but in the past few years, I've accumulated more belly fat and overall softness. I have also been feeling sad more often than I would like. I heard about this from an intern at work. I was immediately drawn towards what the philosophy was about. It made so much sense!

    Everything that this site says will happen has been happening. My waist is shrinking, my clothes are now almost too big, my energy level is so focused and constant throughout the day. Most of all, my mental state has been positive. I truly feel happy 99% of the time. That's AMAZING!

    I feel blessed to have come across this and have shared this with friends and family and frankly, anyone that will listen.

    I look forward to interacting with you all and discovering more.