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  • Long islander here!

    Hey all - I have been a low carber for quite some time and recently refocussed and going by the Atkins book but felt something was missing, aside from not really losing much weight. Yesterday I was listening to a podcast with Mark on it and something clicked, I can't say what he said that changed my way of thinking but I know it triggered something that made me stay up late reading all about Paleo. I just ordered the Paleo Blueprint from Amazon and starting right now I am making the switch. There doesn't seem to be much of a change but the whole idea of eating cleaner and I guess 'more straightforward' has really got me excited. There was also an awesome article Mark wrote out coconut oil which makes me want to run out to my Trader Joes and grab some (I saw it the other day and really knew nothing about it). I think a jar is only $5.99.

    Off to the other parts of the forum!

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    Welcome! Former LI'er here. I was born in the Hamptons. Lived and worked in the center of the island. Transplanted upstate.
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