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Newbie looking for Philly-area (or any other) friends. :)

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  • Newbie looking for Philly-area (or any other) friends. :)

    Because it sure doesn't seem like it!
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    Hi Kai,

    I live in Southern New Jersey. I started about 18 months ago and after about a 6 month hiatus, am back on the wagon.



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      I'm in Lancaster County (kind of close to Philly, takes me about an hour to get to King of Prussia Mall). I started eating primal about 3 months ago, and am LOVING it! Living here where I do I have access to some great grass fed beef/meats, raw dairy products, and fresh produce. I buy a lot of my food directly from local farms. Feel free to email me at if you'd like to chat.


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        I am about 30 miles north of Philly. Started just after Christmas 2011. Lost close to 20 pounds already. Love eating primal. Finding great local resources for meat, eggs and dairy. Can't wait for the farmers markets to start back up in a few months as well as starting my own garden. Just got my wife going Primal today.