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Hello: We are learning to get to your "level" and want to teach others

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  • Hello: We are learning to get to your "level" and want to teach others

    This is a great forum and although we are not quite in the shape you all are....we are working on it and we are starting with learning about real food. One of our projects is, and that is a game that teaches kids about food and nutrition while earning seeds for schools that want to start gardens AND showcasing beautiful photographs of food from amateur photographers. The reason for the latter is that we want kids to see pictures and ask parents about what they may have seen the next time they are at the grocery store. Or even better the next time the child is at a convenience store to grab a candy bar they may grab some nuts or a banana because of what they learned on the game. We want kids to love real food!

    And this was all started by a ten year old who taught his family to be more healthy (Flash Intro Page)

    We are now five days away from the completion of our Kickstarter fundraising project for our game. And we really need your help! If you have never heard of Kickstarter it is the most popular crowd funding site that supports artists. By crowd funding I mean the collective network of pooling people together and collecting capital for projects.

    Its because we really believe that this game can have an impact on youth today that we are asking for you to consider pledging to our fundraising efforts and sharing this information with others whom you may think can pledge.

    We cannot do this without you! All the little bits really add up, so don’t be shy. Click our link here and watch our video on Kickstarter and then click the “back this project” button. On the “updates” tab I have included the cover design from our publisher of our book to be released in April. I did this to show you that we are serious and legitimate. On our Flash Intro Page website you will find links to our CNN interviews and more. Thank you so very much! It is important for kids to know that real food is GOOD food. game by Alexandra Reid — Kickstarter
    Alexandra Reid
    Sanford, NC