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Diet cycler trying Primal!!

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  • Diet cycler trying Primal!!


    I am a 45 year old male who is looking to FINALLY get control of their eating and health. I've tried numerous diets and all have failed. So, what's changed? What makes me think I can dedicate myself this time?? Can I accomplish my goals?? To be honest, I'm not sure. I'm filled with doubt and poor self esteem, but recently, I've had an epiphany. One day after stepping out of the shower I took a critical and somewhat clinical look at myself, and it was at that time things finally started to sink in that only I can control who and what I am. I work out on a regular basis, exercising with kettlebells for at least an hour 3 or 4 times per week. My body fat % is still hovers around 28% and I've been a regular KB exerciser for over 4 years! My body has not changed much in that time, other than gaining 12lbs of muscle. But why hasn't the fat melted off my body like everyone claims with KB's workouts?

    It's simple really, I've been fooling myself for the last 4 years into thinking that my way of eating was working, when clearly the mirror test and body fat % shows otherwise. When your waistline is the widest part of your body (or close to it) it's clear the diet is NOT working. What I need is not just a new diet, but a new way of life. Call it manopause or mid-life crisis, whatever, but enough is enough!!

    I've had several people refer me to the Primal diet/life plan and I have tried it before, but carb cravings ALWAYS caused me to fail. I was convinced I could cheat a little, maybe have some rice, drink diet soda and get away with it. No, no, no, I was dead wrong. Certainly, the carb cravings were partially emotional in nature and I'm sure this greatly influenced my past failures. Emotion plays a huge part in eating poorly and eating correctly I guess, and it's this understanding I hope will allow me to finally succeed with the Primal lifestyle.

    I've recorded my weight, BMI, bodyfat %, and taken a before photograph. My first day of life change was on Nov. 19th, just trying to take things slow at this point. The eating is going well, cravings over the weekend were tough, but I managed to get thru them so far. I did have some alcohol (Coors Light) on Saturday evening, but I'm not going to berate myself over that, just be aware of the impact of alcohol on the plan and try to take steps to minimize the damage, so to speak.

    Well, didn't mean to ramble on for so long. Wish me luck, I'll try to post regular updates!!

    Thanks from Minnesota!!

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    Hey there defiant...Wanted to welcome you, and to say that I too am 45, and have been Primal now for almost 2 years. I am also an avid KBer, and it was actually the trainers at my KB gym that introduced me to to the PB way of life. When I first started the whole process, I was 215 lbs, and about 12-15% BF. Now, almost 2 years later, I'm btwn 165-170lbs, and 6-8% BF. It has been the best change in my entire life...You just have to ask yourself, is that carb-laden food really worth the extra lbs, aches, etc...I can honestly say, that the longer you go without them, the easier the cravings go away.

    On another note. Have you read the Primal Blueprint? If not, this is really an important step in the process. It breaks down in so many different ways, why/how this is a better lifestyle(not s diet). Also, stick to these forums, and ask questions. There are lots of good/knowledgeable peeps around here. Anyway, good luck to you. and Rock Out with your Grok Out!!!!!
    Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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      Hello SoccerGrok. Thanks for your response to my post. No, I have not fully read the Primal Blueprint, and my trainer as well originally told me about the plan. I guess at the time it went in one ear and out the other!! :-) So yea, I need to purchase the book. Been out on the Before and After section of the forum, literally going thru each page of posts. All I can say is there are some amazing folks living the primal lifestyle. If I can accomplish half of what they did, I will truly be proud. All of the stories are so motivating! I plan on posting before and after photos myself, and am working with my trainer to keep a good record of the journey. We want to post my success story to her studio's website, should be good for business!! Thanks again!