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  • About me!

    Hey guys. John, male, 19 years of age here.

    I've been reading Mark's Daily Apple for a while. I was a bit skepticla, but I've taken away a few good things...

    My problem is that I like to binge eat a lot. I've always been thin by virtue of a fast metabolism, but that won't last forever, and when I do binge I feel horribly guilty and then waste many hours doing cardio do burn off the calories. The reason I'm thin is quite simply because I've been making sure to keep near enough to a calorie deficit for several years now, all the while lifting weights and packing on a fair bit of muscle. I'd rather not have to waste so much time doing needless fat burning mild cardio, and I've also been experiencing annoying bloating, which I hate. Finally, I hate the cravings for lollies and cakes and the occasional (bi-weekly) massive carb binge where I totally let go.

    I've decided to cut down on carbohydrates, in addition to what I was doing before, which ws simply staying around 2250 calories per day, and getting enough protein to build muscle.

    Today so far, I haven't had dinner, but I've already had a fair bit to eat today, which has been made up of 1650 calories, 136g protein, 41g of fat, and 115g of carbohydrates (most of which were complex cards.) Dinner will be fairly small and mostly protein tonight. I can see quite easily where I could cut down on even more carbs, but I'll work into that slowly.

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    And OK my diet for today was 2025 calories, 139g protein, 78g fats, and 118g carbs. I weigh 63kg and I'm 167cm tall.


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