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  • New Here and Enjoying The Blog

    Hi everyone,

    I am new here. I started a paleo diet today, being familiar with Cordain's Paleo Diet from a few years ago. Unfortunately I only followed it for a week. I am returning to what I believe is the healthiest diet in the world. Fast forward 7 years and I am now very overweight and pre-diabetic, so there is absolutely no excuse left for me.

    I am enjoying Mark's blog and got a true kick out of reading about his McDougall cruise and the high carb mania surrounding Dr. McDougall. I too tried the McDougall diet back in the early 80's (I am 55) and felt just awful on it. My diabetic "genes" just can't handle a high carb diet. My prediabetes proves it.

    I ordered The Primal Blueprint book from amazon; I was afraid to order from the website here because I could find nothing about it being a secure website, so I paid the extra 4 bucks through amazon.

    I am a true believer in paleo-type diets and glad to have found this forum.

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    Hey inspirit .. I am new too and wanted to say hi ! .. been there with the McDougall thing - weee - bad ride ...add to that Jane Brody ... Andrew Weil (heart in the right place) ...Laurel's Kitchen ... I did order through site - kinda wishing I had ordered w/ Amazon b/c I want it NOW ...

    How's it going for you ??

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