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Gained 7 lbs that won't come off no matter what I do, please advise me

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    Originally posted by helpmelose7lbs View Post
    Hi Honey Crisp. So sorry that you are having this same weight struggle. If you have an underactive thyroid, do not let them restrict you to T4 only. I take a combo of T4 and T3 and feel much better with the addition of the T3. Although it has not helped my metabolism...

    This is exactly what my new doc said to me.....


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      Originally posted by helpmelose7lbs View Post
      Hi SBHikes. I read conflicting opinions regarding the effect of fasting on metabolism. I am so afraid of doing anything to make my already slow metabolism even slower. Does anyone who has fasted have an opinion on this? Does it lower your metabolism because you think you are in a famine?

      The first thing to understand is that your body responds to food metabolically. A short fast is also responded to metabolically. We're not talking starvation. 15 hours without food is all it may take and you can be asleep for part of that. Don't do it unless it's easy and pleasurable to do it. You have to be ready. It helps if your body is adapted enough that it can handle long periods of time in a state of ketosis, or that it can go in and out of ketosis easily, because that's what the fast will do. Put you in ketosis.

      As an example of how easy it should be, I had an all meat breakfast today and it is my plan not to eat until breakfast tomorrow. So far I have had absolutely no hunger. I feel totally calm and normal. If I feel ravenous tonight I'll eat dinner, but I'm expecting that I won't feel hungry even later tonight.

      The time off from eating will rev up my metabolism because hormones that don't normally get a chance to fire while I'm regularly fed get a chance to do their thing. I learned a lot of Dr. Eade's website here, especially reading the comments:

      The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. Fast way to better health

      One thing I was really impressed with reading the comments was how many women, especially older ones like me, had great success with this kind of fasting. Whereas almost everywhere you read from older women having trouble losing weight on primal diets, you read lots of reports of success in losing weight and improved health on topics regarding intermittent fasting.

      It's my plan to do this on purpose only once a week. Not every day. Not grit my teeth through it. If I'm hungry I will break the fast. The point is to feel great, not suffer.

      Mark's got some stuff on it too but I haven't read it all yet.
      Is Intermittent Fasting Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple
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