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    Hi all.
    My mum and I have been hearing about paleo on and off for a while now, and have just decided to go for it - i have just ordered the book.
    Basically we have all kinds of problems. I'm 19 and have been classed as over weight all my life. even though when i was younger i was a hell of a lot fitter. however having PCOS (polycysitc ovary syndrom) doesn't help matters. - do any women have this here, and how has this 'diet' worked for you?
    My mum has osteo arthritis of the hips and a chronic cough (which has actually subsided a bit lately) she could cough constantly for up to 10 month was the longest, which of course stopped her sleeping, but she also has problems sleeping. and can go quite a while without eating.
    I'm really hoping this will help us both out and from what i've read of the success stories (and seen the photos - wow, you guys and girls, look AMAZING!!) I think it will really help us out.
    It makes sense really!
    Let me know if you guys have had the same sort of problems and how it's helped you!

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