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Stopping by to say Howdy!

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  • Stopping by to say Howdy!

    Hello all,
    After lurking around on the forums for 6 months, I thought I'd introduce myself. I am a 46 y/o female that has been gluten free for 6 years. I lost 70 pounds over that time but when I stopped running 20 pounds crept back. I felt swollen and bloated and not very happy. Decided to start an elimination diet in April 2011. Cut out everything except meat, veggies and some fruit. Around that time I found MDA. The answer to my prayers! I jumped in with both feet and haven't looked back. It makes perfect sense to me. I have lost 32 pounds and lost 2 sizes! The bloated belly is gone and I feel wonderful.
    Anytime I have questions come up, I look on the forum. Most of the time it's been answered already.
    Thanks to all and a big Thank You to Mark for making this possible.