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    My name is Becky and I'm from Boise, Idaho. I just found out about the Primal Blueprint a few weeks ago. I've been reading the MDA for a week or two, and I just got the book last weekend. I'm 30 and I'm trying to turn back the clock so that I don't age before my time. I've been overweight since my late teens, and have been trying to lose weight through the Zone Diet for years, but its a tough diet because of all the restrictions. I'm looking forward to eating Primal. I've at it for about a week and a half roughly. I got started using FitDay and love it. I was wondering though, is there a transition period at first where you feel like crap? I think its leveling off now, but the first few days I felt just awful.

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    Welcome Becky! I use to live in Boise a few years ago.

    As to your question:

    Your body is detoxing, to an extent. For 3 - 5 days (on average) you will feel like that. For the next week, you will feel fantastic and then crash, energy-wise (again, this is on average).

    Your body is adjusting.

    Just keep at it and listen to your body. If you start to feel shaky, queasy or have low energy, then up your carbs in the form of more leafy green veggies and some berries or other fruit.

    Hang in there!


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      Welcome! I live in your area -- nice to know there's another Grokette in the neighborhood!

      Sassa is right about the "low-carb flu." It's very common and will pass. Just hang in there.

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        Welcome to MDA!

        Yeah, I think that if you make an abrupt change, the first week of being strictly primal will be rough.

        However it is totally worth it.

        I think the main thing that helped me was to find primal snacks (celery, nuts, etc) that I could turn to when I had some kind of craving for sugar/bad stuff. Maybe give that a try?

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