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Buddy System - intersted in a virtual partner to help stick with it?

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  • Buddy System - intersted in a virtual partner to help stick with it?

    I am starting again, working hard to make the Primal jump. I have struggled quite a bit, but I am determined not to quite trying until I make this a real lifestyle change. I was just wondering if there are any other people who are having trouble sticking to it, and could use the extra encouragement and accountability like me?

    I did weight watchers a while ago and the community was great. I definately dont think the way of eating was sustainable, but I know that my success stemmed from the accountability and the community.
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    I would love a buddy, I know I could really use someone who is going through the same thing and a little extra encouragement and accountability. I tried something like this before and failed, and I know I'm looking for a lifestyle change more than a diet.


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      Great! I have tried a couple times to stick with primal eating. The first time was awesome - I stuck to it 100% fort about 2 weeks. I don't remember exactly why, but I slipped a couple days and then that's all it took. Then I tried again with my husband, but he wasn't really in to it, he just did it because I wanted him to. I fell off track prettu quickly then.

      I miss the mental clarity and energy I had those 2 weeks that I did well. I can't wait to get there again.

      My goal tomorrow is to start the day with a high protein breakfast, that seems to be the key for me to sticking with anyhthing, starting off with a great breakfast.
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        I used to do the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which was similar but far stricter. I did that for at least 4 months but one day I ate a bag of skittles and everything took a turn for the worse after that! I'm mainly trying to deal with some autoimmune issues and stomach issues, and I know this seems to help. I also get far less headaches. I'm also looking to lose 5-10 pounds that I've gained from eating so much junky food in the past 6 months. I agree with the high protein breakfast! I wasn't hungry this morning so I skipped breakfast, got really hungry around 1 but had nothing to eat and all of my sugar cravings kicked in. As long as I don't get too hungry and keep snacks, I'm usually okay.


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          I've never heard of the that diet. I don't do well for very long with very restrictive diets. Sweets are my downfall. I sit infront of a candy jar - all chocolates too, my weakness. If I am eating a high protein diet it's easier to resist.

          Do you keep beef jerkey or nuts around incase you get hungry and don't have a primal meal around? My plan this weekend is to make sure I prep some primal snacks to take to work next week, I think that will make it easier to resist the sweets.

          Well this morning I did have a filling high protein breakfast - not 100% primal though. I had 2 eggs and 2 peices of sausage on an english muffin. I had planned on prepping some hard boiled eggs last night for this morning, but didn't get to it. I think that my #1 goal for the next 7 days will be no candy or baked goods. Those by far have the most drastic effect on my mental and physical health. I'm just going to take that goal one hour at a time, one day at a time. Then I'll set a new goal for days 14 - 21. One of my biggest obstacles is myself - taking on too much too fast and not giving myself time to adjust or plan.

          I will also make sure that I eat a high protein breakfast before getting on the road because that increases my willpower.
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            Yes sweets are a huge downfall! The last time I did this I found that after a month or so the sugar cravings go away, even if I'm eating limited amounts of honey. So my goal is to not cheat with sugar, I also find its really helpful to keep fruit around. You can actually do a pretty good job at training your body to want fruit instead of candy. Even though its not ideal to eat a lot of fruit on the diet I think a handful of strawberries is much better than a bag of candy!

            Luckily, I have Celiac, so gluten free bread isn't very good and not one of my downfalls. I have a hard time avoiding corn though because being in Texas I love Mexican food which means corn chips and tortillas.

            I didn't eat again this morning and now I'm suffering. I had 2 cups of coffee with coconut milk and 1 tsp of coconut sugar, then grabbed a cheese stick and a lara bar on the way out the door. Now I have class until 5 and I am going straight to work right after, but there's a place here called snap kitchen that makes to-go paleo meals and I'm hoping to stop by there so I don't end up cheating! Tomorrow I am definitely eating breakfast!


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              Hows it been going? I had a really hard time today - I was home with a sick kid (and my 2 other kids). I didn't plan well and didn't eat well.

              That must be hard having Celiac's - I have a couple family members who also have it.

              Are there any breakfast foods that you might like? Do you skip breakfast because you're not hungry or because of something else? I found that egg muffins are easy, quick and small. Even if I'm not hungry, I notice if I skip breakfast the rest of the day is way harder to deal with when it comes to food.
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