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  • Hola to all...

    Hey You All...

    Just wanted to say hey and connect with like-minded eating types. I've been doing Paleo for over a year...had some bumps at first because I did more fruit than I should have but even with that I have not had a sick day in a year - no colds or flu - kind of a miracle for me. I got Mark's book about 6 months ago and switched up the way I eat to less carbs more good fat and 2 days of IF - amazing results...lost the last 10 pounds of fat in my life...really - I'm still pinching myself. IF is the I have to slow it down because I feel kind of weak in my legs from I think losing too fast...I'm a lunatic calorie/bmi/bmr counter so probably I have not been eating enough (okay you have no idea how crazy that sounds to Not eat enough? Well, yeah...I think so...). This is a good problem and I'll go back and read Mark's recommendations for muscle maintenance...I just want to say hey and tell you all I'm in little Bratlleboro, VT supporting you all. Nope, never going back to LALA the seasons...I know, Mark...crazy, eh? Thanks for all you are, I mean it...Lynda

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    Welcome Lynda, Im new to this forum and somewhat to Paleo (Been on it for about 3 months). I love the results you get from this way of eating. Its amazing. I feel so much better, lots more energy and never get annoying hunger pangs. I haven't got sick pesky migraines and colds/flu so far!! Plus the weight loss as an added bonus!! Glad to hear everything is working out great for you too!! Again welcome aboard.