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New guy trying to cope.

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  • New guy trying to cope.

    Hello everyone im a new guy to the caveman life and i love it. Im 6'3" 415 lbs and ready to lose some weight. I like the flexability of the lifestyle and the relative easiness of living this way. Ive been doing some primal for the last few weeks and finally ive made a desicion to try to clean up my diet and do the right thing. i've been riding my bike and doing a lot of walking, a lot.. I have many questions and concerns but if i can i would like to just ask one. I do my workouts late at night, around 10 pm to 11:30pm when im done im usually hungry is there anything i could eat that would not affect me much or open up my appetite? Thanks everyone

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    A teaspoon or so of coconut oil. Pure satiety.