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5 weeks Primal and Loving it

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  • 5 weeks Primal and Loving it

    Been primal for just over a month now and let me tell you I feel like a new person! Sleeping much better, more energy, stronger, leaner and look great! I'd say I'm probably 80-90% primal. I do cheat a few times a week, but I hit the gym hard 3-5 days a week so I hope that makes up for it! I'm new to these boards and was wondering if there was a section of the forum that had advanced primal workouts? I overlooked the fitness and athletes sections, but I felt like most of the workouts in the fitness section were too novice for me and the other section was geared towards marathon runners and triathletes.. I guess you could say I'm looking for some weight lifting programs geared towards primal or some cross fit circuits.. Maybe a sprinters guide? Help me out if there is!

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    Have you read the Primal Fitness e-book? (Click on the link at the top of the page that says "Start Here".)

    The basics of primal fitness are as follows:
    1. Walk a lot.
    2. Lift heavy things.
    3. Sprint occasionally.

    What do you want to do? These three things can be scaled up or down as much as a person can handle- the Fitness and Athletes forums have marathoners and bodybuilders, as well as bodyweight gurus, beginners, MMA fighters, derby girls, crossfitters, people with severe injuries- All these people can apply the three fundamentals as best they can for themselves. What do you want? It's all there.


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      I'm 5 weeks in too and I also feel much better and I've lost 10lbs. I wanted to do more wieghts and while looking about the MDA forums found a suggestion for The New Rules of Lifting For Women. It makes as much sense to lifting as PB does to eating and there is a blokes version. Give it a whirl, it's working for me although I do get the 'what's a woman doing in the weight room' looks from the other guys at the gym.