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  • Derby Girl Going Primal

    So, I have almost finished out my first week going primal. I found that the first two days weren't that big of a deal. By the third day, I had a LOT Of energy. Like, jump out of my skin energy, which was great. Wasn't crawling into bed when I got home after work. Had derby, yes roller derby on skates, practice Wednesday night and felt fine. Might need to add a bit of carbs on practice days, as 2 hours of hard skating wore me out.

    Some of the most notable things I've experienced this week are:
    * Crazy, crazy amounts of energy
    * Not always freezing cold like I have been for the past, umm, forever...
    * Not getting hungry. Have to remind myself to eat and when I do finally get hungry, I'm not shaking and feeling like I'm going to pass out

    My intention for starting is fat-loss, as nothing else has been working. I skate 3 times a week, for 2 hours a session, and have done so for three months with NO weight change. So far, I have had a 3lb loss from day one, which is probably water. My stomach is less bloated, my legs aren't as swollen, and my eczema is starting to clear up.

    Can't really believe this is all happening so quickly, but I totally dig it, and very determined to keep going!!

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    Thank you to share this article,I'mvery like it.


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      Hey Mia Sangria! I am also a new comer and have had the exact same experiences as you!!! Glad to meet someone feeling the same way about this as me, I have also lost about 4 lbs and like you said probably water but its inspiring!!! Good Luck!