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Athlete that can't lose weight- so I'm going to try going PRIMAL!

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  • Athlete that can't lose weight- so I'm going to try going PRIMAL!

    Hi everyone!

    I'm 29 from Ohio, however will be moving to Los Angeles for grad school next summer!! I've been an athlete all of my life, participating in endurance sports most of my 20s. 4 years ago I lost my 6 pack and put on about 80lbs. I've worked out and eat pretty healthy since I've gained the weight, but just haven't been able to get it off. Even when I exercise everyday and eat very clean (8-10 hours of exercise a week, averaging 1800 calories a day), I still manage to lose very little weight. I'm 5'9 and currently at 222lbs. I do have a good amount of muscle, but my goal is to get down to 160 by July, when I move to LA. I CANNOT move there being overweight!!!!!!

    I've talked with my doctor as well as a dietitian, and something just isn't working for me. I've had my thyroid checked multiple times and my levels are within normal ranges. So now I've found this website along with the Wheat Belly blog, and I've become VERY interested in going wheat-free.

    Eating lots of meat and saturated fat does go against what I've been taught and have learned over the years (my undergrad is in exercise science) this has all been extremely interesting to me. I'm just now reading the Primal Blueprint Book, as well as I have Gary Taubes book, "Good Calories, Bad Calories".

    I am trying this diet really in hopes that I can finally drop the weight that I've held onto for 4 years. I do like to exercise, and from what I'm reading, I may be exercising too much at times. I mountain bike, cycle (spinning on the trainer now that it's cold out), run, and also strength train using P90X in my home gym. Beginning in January, I will be training for a marathon, so curious as to how eating Primal will affect that.

    To start, I am still going to include dairy and some beans/legumes in my diet. Also, I'm sure I'll cheat every now and then on the weekends (alcohol, pizza).

    I would love to hear some feedback from those who have lost weight, other athletes, and some examples of your meal plan/foods you're eating.


    Overweight athlete going PRIMAL

    SW: 228lb
    GW: 160lb by August 2012

    11/24/11- 222
    12/30/11- 229
    1/7/12- 225
    1/17/12 (2 weeks into Whole30)- 218
    5/15/12- 218 (Need motivation to eat a clean Primal diet!!)

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    Good Calories Bad Calories is quite an eye-opener. I also have seen Gary's talk on youtube.

    I'm maybe not quite as athletic as you and I'm certainly not as young. However, I found it very difficult to lose weight unless I was exercising to ridiculous proportions and even then I was starting to gain weight even with a lot of exercise because of the foods I ate and the insulin resistance I was giving myself.

    The best thing about eating this way is that my ravenous, unquenchable hunger went away. I always thought I had an eating disorder because I couldn't stop thinking about food. Eating a high-fat, low-carb all natural diet turned that off. I walked around in a daze for the first week trying to get used to a mind that had nothing to think about.

    Right now I've had to cut way back on exercise because I've decided to go low-carb to try and heal my broken metabolism and just get off to the strictest/best start I can. I'm having a very difficult time adjusting to low carb. I had the typical "low-carb flu" thing for the first 3 weeks, then in the 4th/5th week I started getting severe electrolyte issues which I haven't fully resolved.

    I'm going with the recommendations on and Their recommendations appealed to me because they aren't a paleo reenactment fantasy but more of an elimination of the disease-causing foods of current times. No measuring, no calorie-counting, either. I took pictures of all my food last week and posted them on my stupid blog: carb diet diary
    Not recommending you eat like me, but you asked for samples.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.