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    Originally posted by charli View Post
    People tend not to question you if you have a drink in your hand.
    That is absolutely true, and something I never really thought about. Good advice.

    Two important questions to ask yourself every week:
    Did I run faster and farther this week than I did last week?
    Can I lift more weight and do more repetitions that I did last week?


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      Whenever they start bumping their gums about how eating fortified gluten cubes is the right path, bust out your trusty bag of blood, down it, and start speaking in and out of tongues as to how the animal is become you. Then yell, "Wolverines", kick off your shoes, and sprint off into the horizon. They'll stop fronting. Or just start judo-choppin' fools. Science supports all that.


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        I started my first year of university as well this year, and I've been living on residence.
        I've been lucky as my school does not require us to be on meal plan (one of the deciding factors for me). There is also a great grass-fed butcher shop and fruit/vegetable market that is a 10 minute walk from my building.

        People also think the way I eat is weird, especially my room mate, who is overweight. She thinks I eat WAY too much bacon, hahaha. I hate talking/ explaining pale/primal lifestyle because no one ever understands and they give you weird looks.
        I laugh went ever my room mate comes home from grocery shopping all proud that she "bought only healthy stuff, no junk", skim milk, cereal, orange cheddar, bread, nutella.... yeah all that typical stuff.
        I just tell people I have wheat intolerance and thats the end of it.
        When it comes to social events, I normally can find something on every restaurant menu that is close to primal.
        For drinking, I tend to drink more red-wine.
        When I do drink vodka or rum, i usually make a smoothie (coconut milk, berries, and maybe a banana) in my magic bullet and mix with that.
        Nights when i do that, everyone is always begging for sips of my drink "cause it tastes sooooo good"


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          Thanks for all the tips guys! Things have been getting a bit easier. I have a friend considering trying it with me or at least a modified version (anything would be better than what she eats...). She made it a whole day without wheat and couldn't believe it haha I've just began telling people I have a wheat intolerance or that I am on an anti-inflammatory diet for health conditions. Most people don't even know what foods are anti-inflammatory or not and just say "good for you" and move on.

          I'm on Day 11 today of the 21-Day Challenge! I must say, my cravings for bagels, subway, and sweetened coffees has gone down considerably. I also don't think about food as much when I'm bored and feel much more satisfied between meals.
          However, I have had headaches every single day and have felt pretty weak, but I'm not sure if it's from a virus my mom had a week before we started (same-ish symptoms) or somethig from the diet. Has anyone else had headaches or weakness related to eating primally?


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            yeah, i also gets headaches during the first couple days of getting back onto primal. I think it is just your body adjusting.