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Newbie needs advice on cholesterol

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  • Newbie needs advice on cholesterol

    My first post and happy to be here. Reading the forum and MDA has been a great source of information and inspiration.

    I started by primal journey in July 2011. After years of struggling with CW regimens of low cal/high carb/constant cardio with little to no results I decided to make a change. I read Primal Blueprint and jumped onboard. Since July 1st I have lost 25lbs and 3 inches off my waist. I feel terrific and love the food. I recently had a physical and have some concerns regarding cholesterol. Here are some of the bloodwork numbers.

    I am 6-02, male
    215lbs (from 240 at start)
    BP117/76 (before PB was 127/85)
    Total cholesterol 226
    HDL 51
    C Reactive Protein is 0
    Trigs 85
    After reading Griff's post on cholesterol, my ratios don't look bad. I am concerned that my LDL is up. Any thoughts on the matter are appreciated. I am going to check my bloodwork again in 3 mos.

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    I couldn't get any idea from the post. Can you resubmit in a concise way so that I feel
    convenient. Hope you won't mind.


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      Sorry about that. I don't mean to cause confusion. My main concern is that since going primal, my LDL has gone up to 158. I think I have read in other posts that this may not be unusual. I would like to lower this number and see it below 100. I would like to know if there is anything I can do to accomlish this through my primal diet and exercise?


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        Hi HikePrimal357,

        Your HDL/Trig ratio is 1.66, any ratio less than 2 is considered ideal and the best heart disease indicator. You need to have a VAP test (vertical auto profile) to find out if you LDL is the unwanted VLDL or the big fluffy kind that is actually beneficial. Most likely you have increased the fluffy LDL which is a good thing.



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          HikePrimal, your numbers look pretty good to me. HDL is just on the threshold of the "protective" range. LDL may or may not be an issue as goldengrokette says. (If you're eating primally, it's probably fine.)

          To improve HDL, make sure you get plenty of healthy saturated fat and cholesterol, like from animal fats, eggs, and fish. To improve LDL, minimize intake of oxidized or damaged fats (all vegetable oils, trans fat, and excess polyunsaturated fat from nuts etc.) and make sure you have plenty of antioxidants in your diet. Trigs seem to respond well to improved insulin sensitivity, which means regular exercise and the occasional intermittent fast.

          But like I said your numbers are already pretty good, so if you're already doing all these things, I don't think you should worry.


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            If your CRP is 0, you probably don't have much to worry about.
            Lifting Journal


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              Thanks so much for the info. I have been doing lots of additional reading today regarding ratios and different methods of calculation. Thanks for the advice Timothy. My diet has been rather heavy on nuts. I usually have a handful of pecans or almonds with breakfast and lunch and man, I love to snack on apples with almond butter. I can definitely make a change there. I have started IF recently and am seeing positive results.

              Goldengrokette, I plan to discuss the VAP test with my doc on follow up. Is this a test commonly requested? Thanks.