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  • Hello...

    Just introducing myself.

    My name is Jim and I've only recently looked into a paleo-type diet. It seems that a lot of doctors and the general public consider this to be a fad diet but at the same time that makes me chuckle a bit considering that it is a 'fad' diet that we lived on for several million years of our evolution.

    Perhaps SAD should be considered a 'fad' diet.

    At any rate I like everything I'm reading about Primal Blueprint but at the same time I cannot afford grass-fed meat at the present time. Are there others here who are adopting the basic principles of PB but are doing so with conventionally-raised meat?

    Nice to meet you all.


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    Yes - I am buying "normal" meat vs. grassfed.... I live rurally and many neighbors raise cattle.. they still "finish" them on grain but the cattle pasture in the mountains in summer and are fed hay closer in during winter/spring for calving... they don't feed hormones etc.... so I feel that way is good enough at this point. We have gone in with another family to purchase a side of beef - talk about flavor! Man... made grocery store meat taste like cardboard.

    I don't know where you are but that might be a good option... our neighbors will sell us hamburger by the lb or a 1/4 side of beef etc. We have a rural magazine out here called The Fence Post - you may have some rural magazine out your way? Or you might try calling local feed stores... those people are usually very much in the know about where you can buy beef, chicken, eggs locally ... it's a larger cost initially to buy 1/4 of a cow but by the lb it works out well.... and it tastes so good!

    Good luck!
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      Grass-fed, organic, free-range and pastured are all wonderful. Many here thrive on less perfect foods. Primal is flexible. Do the best you can.

      And welcome!
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        I got into paleo through Art De Vany, and he doesn't seem to eat grass fed himself. He cuts off excess animal fat to deal with the potential toxins, and eats plenty of fish. I do the same for financial reasons and cook with some healthy fat to compensate.
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          I am doing it with whatever meat I can mange to find..In My area it is not exactly easy to find Organic anything( My organic aisle at the store is one shelf) and we do not have a Whole Foods or Trader Joes ( the nearest whole foods is 3hrs away).Grass fed meat is a rarity( I do buy it if I find it).Do the best you can


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            I miss Trader Joe's and Whole Foods . I lived in Boston MA for a year and Trader Joe's was my favourite store .
            We a bit backward here over the pond and don't have any Trader Joe's. And there's only 6 Whole Foods in the country.