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  • Chronic to well (hopefully)

    Hi everyone

    I have recently stumbled on Primal eating, and giving it a go. Started 10 days ago.
    I haven't got any weight to lose (160cm, usually around 52kg, don't own a scale), but I do want to lose my alphabet soup. I suffer from Chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS type issues, hypotension (either NMH or orthostatic), various sleep issues and hypermobility syndrome. Plus a lack of social confidence and anxiety to go with that. I am just 30 years old, and I've had these issues to varying degrees since I was a teenager, so I've been life limiting ill for half my life. Not an acceptable state of affairs.

    I am starting very slowly. My starting point is barely being able to cope with shop, cook, do dishes, let alone any of the other basics in life. I pretty much lived on toast, ramen, and couscous, topped with whatever protein was easiest and available. So I cut the wheat and had mostly cold meats, eggs and nuts for a couple of days. I felt huge amounts better, so much so that I am actually cooking most of the time again

    One problem I have is my present boyfriend. He is very much the cereal, pasta and cookies type of person, so me not having any of that is a huge shock to his system. I am agreeing to rice and potatoes for the moment, but his proportions amount to rice flavoured with tiny amounts of meat and veg :/ He claims it's a money issue for him. I am just trying to eat extra well when he isn't cooking.

    So far so good, the fog is lifting. Looking forward to learning more

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    Some people do quite will with rice and potatoes, but if you are having problems meeting your goals you may have to reconsider.

    Welcome aboard!


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      If you find you are having problems with rice and potatoes, there is no reason to eat it just because he is. As harsh as it sounds, sometimes it is better not to eat than to put something into your body that is going to cause you problems. As jfreaksho said though, some people do okay with rice and potatoes. I don't think they should not be the majority share of any meal though.

      Welcome to this way of life! You will love the results.


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        As a new member to this lifestyle too (about 4 weeks now) I would tell you to stick with it and choose your own food despite what your boyfriend thinks or does. It is not easy and I know this from my short journey. I have a wife and two children who do not believe many times (not always) we eat different foods. I am learning to lead by example (having lost 18 pounds of fat)!

        Good luck and stick with it!


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          Welcome to Primal:-) Stick to your guns and do it for "yourself". Lots of people here have significant others who are not on board, and they do just fine. Glad you are seeing/feeling results.
          Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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            Welcome! In addition to the dietary changes, you may want to consider adding a good quality magnesium (natural calm an hour or so before bed is well liked around here) as well as a good vitamin D3 supplement. Both of these can help with sleep quality and energy levels.

            I also find that regular liver, bone marrow, and bone broth make a huge difference in my energy level. Plus they are cheap and require little effort.

            Being tired all the time really, really sucks Good luck!!
            Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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              I truly understand the social challenges of eating primal, but if you let your bf tell you how to eat, then you are giving away your control over your health. Follow what feels good for you. Let him love you for who you are, not who he thinks you should be.


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                I understand how hard it can be to change your diet when your partner doesn't. You really can't just say "tough pa-tooties I want to be healthy and I don't care about how you feel about it." What I do is if my man makes pasta I whip up a buffalo patty and put the sauce on that instead of the pasta. At first he was kinda angry but now he just makes fun of me, which is a pleasant improvement.
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