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  • Not hungry anymore?

    Hey guys, its really weird but I just don't get hungry when I eat what is prescribed by Mark.
    I can literally go a day or two without feeling hunger. It worries me because I am very active and I don't want to lose muscle.

    Currently I run about 20ish miles a week plus workout 4-5 days a week.
    I'm Male 26, 5'7" 163 lbs

    Today all I had was at 2pm a cup of rasperries, about 5 handfulls of spinach and two things of organic greek yogurt and a avocado and I was already feeling full. I haven't eaten since and its 6 pm and i'm not even hungry and just feel like if I eat i'm just stuffing my self.

    That might be like 6-700 calories?

    Any ideas?

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    Congratulations on an efficient fat-burning metabolism! How long did it take you to get there?

    Fat is extremely satiating, all the moreso if you're not used to eating it in large amounts. A common trick is to eat your protein first, then top up with fat.

    The human body is designed to weather periods of protein shortage, so it's not a big deal if you go without for a while. Just keep an eye on your lifts and your running time to make sure your performance isn't cratering.


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      Thanks alot Timothy. Well I started practicing primal when i was deployed to Iraq last year. It's been crazy but I have noticed amazing benefits.. I never get sick anymore. Haven't been to the doctor in almost two years.

      Well I have noticed my bench went down a bit.. I was doing 205x4 reps now 185 feels like 205. Then again that could just be a bad day at the gym! Running is still good.. ran 3.4 miles in 25 mins on a training run so I was happy with that


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        I wish that would happen to me![SIGPIC]


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          Lower the carbs and eat primal (i.e. nutritious) and it happens to everyone.

          Groktimus Primal's Experience


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            Wait a few days and see what happens. Don't worry for now.

            Thanks for serving in Iraq!
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              Hey guys, its really weird but I just don't get hungry when I eat what is prescribed by Mark.amber's bridal
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                We have a troll.


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                  I also experience lengthy periods of no hunger as well. I am a little over 12 weeks primal and there are times when I am just not hungry all day. I have been keeping my carbs below 50g per day. I am looking at it as a good time to try intermittent fasting. I have done a couple of 24hour fasts and have still felt little hunger throughout the day. Feeling great afterward, and my workouts have not suffered.


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                    This is very normal. Your appetite will come back and may be cyclical. If it persists make sure you are getting enough zinc and consider upping carbs a few days per week b
                    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )