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Help - Im a rice addict!

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  • Help - Im a rice addict!

    Okay so heres the deal/dilemna. Im from south louisiana, and we are raised cooking home cooked meals, which really is a plus. The staple of 99% of our dishes is rice. Going primal, I can say, its not hard to lose the pasta, the bread, the corn, the processed junk, because I was never much for that stuff anyway, BUT rice is something I just cant live without. Gumbo...rice. Rice and gravy....rice. Etoufee...rice. Sauce picante...rice. Its all veggies, rice, seafood, and meat, veggies, rice, seafood, and meat. I have used cauliflower as a rice substitute before, and its okay, but im in a hole with this stuff. Now lets say I cut this down to once a week or less, my question is this. White or brown or wild? Im just so tired of reading 20 different stories and ideas concerning rice, lets see what you guys think is the best option. and is anyone having a similar issue while going primal? Telling a cajun not to eat rice is like telling an irishman not to eat potatoes, or a fisherman not to eat fish.

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    Some folks around here don't mind a bit of white rice.

    It kind of depends on your goals, and current situation.

    As a source of carbs it's not so detrimental as other grains, although it might not be ideal if you're trying to lose weight and aren't doing a lot of exercise.

    I find it's not optimal for my weight loss, and that my body prefers yams. Doesn't make me feel bad like wheat though.


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      White rice couple times a week should be fine. Potatoes a couple times a week hasn't hurt this Irishwoman
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        So white rice is the way to go then? Even better cuz thats the best.


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          If you decide to keep rice, then yes, go for white rice over brown rice.

          I eat white rice maybe once or twice a week. Same thing with potatoes (Irish and German here). But I'm also not really trying to lose any weight.

          As with most of this, you have to find what works for you. I would watch the gravy, though, as it's sometimes made with flour. If you're gluten sensitive, especially early on, that could block your progress.


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            I do not like rice a lot... I like other food but rice...
            I am not so found of them..


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              This Italian woman is missing pasta big time. I've decided to go ahead and make some using quinoa flour. I figure it is better than using regular flour the way I normally would and since I'm ok with losing weight but it is not my goal then I figure once a week or so won't hurt. lol

              I also love potatoes (Irish grandfather hahaha), but have been eating sweet taters instead for quite some time so do that most of the time. I haven't actually gone really primal though. Right now I am focusing mostly on being grain free and processed foods and junk/sugary foods free.

              My daughter is a big rice eater, typical white sticky rice. He dad is Filipino and his mantra is that a day without rice is like a day without sunshine. lol Anyway, she wants to try a 30 day grain free challenge but has the same worry. I told her white rice once or twice a week would be perfectly fine.

              Best of luck to you!
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                I love white rice too - it is a perfect base for many salty Asian dishes. I just cut back on it and don't keep it in the house. I have it when I go to eat sushi or Korean soup in a restaurant. Like everything I cut out of my general diet, it's hard at first, then easier and easier. Now ten months in it's not even an issue.
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