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need did you get unstuffed, untwisted, & unwound....

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  • need did you get unstuffed, untwisted, & unwound....

    I will keep this short because even though modern medicine would say that I have several SEPARATE symptoms, I believe that my symptoms are all connected. My muscles are all twisted especially on the left side because of repetitive stress injuries. My nose is congested, my skin in congested, my intestines are congested. My mind is wound up with stress over trying to feel better. Trying to figure out how. I just need some inspiration to keep trying because I don't know anyone personally that has recovered from these issues. They just take pills and say this is life. I know this is not true. Please those that have found a way to feel better, help me. I really want to feel better before I try to have a baby. I was hoping to try next year. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thank you!

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    A lot of people that eliminate grains and/or dairy have less skin and sinus problems, often being resolved in just a few weeks. Same thing with your digestive system.

    Muscular issues are usually a bit different, but they can be fixed, but it may require more creativity on your part to prevent it from happening again.

    Pills are not the answer.


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      You are quite right in thinking that you symptoms may be related. Go primal. Do it now.

      Go as close to 100% for a couple of months and see how you feel then. (A good start is the 21 Day Transformation.)

      Also -- for the muscle stuff, look for a good Feldenkrais-trained person in the area and try some classes. It works on the brain-body connection and has the added benefit of being relaxing!
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