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Lightheaded and weird tiredness

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  • Lightheaded and weird tiredness

    So days three and four hit and carbs are around 150g per day no grains minimal yogurt. At times I feel light headed and super hungry. I eat about 2600 cals perday, CF 4 days / week and 1-2 run or spin for 30-60min. I figure I should eat about 2600-2700 cals per day, but man, sometimes the hunger is outrageous! The book says this diet you'll be less hungry, but I'm finding that when I do get hungry it's ravenous, like I could go and hunt down an elephant with just my teeth and hands to eat!

    So I just keep eating more and more protein and fat to keep a steady ratio c/f/p 20/60/20. I've heard two weeks are tough, but this is a little funky! Plus sometimes I get like a wave of tiredness that at any moment it feels like I'm going to sleep right where I am and I mean deep sleep.

    Is this really going ot settle in two weeks or is it like this for ever?

    Up until now I've been Zoning with little grains, so it's not like I totally shcoked my system and I still eat 150g carbs (veggies and fruit -i.e. berries or apple before exercise).

    Anyone experience the same thing? Plus, now day 6 and headaches are setting in...

    Comments welcome

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    You are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Grains are extremely addictive. It will pass. Just hang in there.

    If you are having hunger pangs, satisfy them with a large tablespoon of Coconut Oil. I put the coconut oil in my coffee or tea, and some just eat from the spoon directly. Also start your day with a LARGE all protein breakfast, 50 grams. DON'T SNACK, EVER.
    Article 10612-Coconut Oil and Medium-Chain Triglicerides



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      Grizz, I'm curious how long have you been doing this diet for and your results.
      When you say all protein breaky, you mean no fat no carbs thne?
      From what i've read, the body can only handle 30-35g of protein at a sitting. After that it will simply go to fat. Again just what I've read as I 'm not an expert by any stretch.

      Thanks for you comments as I'm really intersted in others' experiences as I'm still skeptical, but willing to continue. BTW, a tbsp of coconut oil? wow, thanks for the advance, but I don't know if you realize how weird that sounds. I see your strategy tho, go for the straight up "good" sat fat.


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        So you have a reference my "low-carb flu" lasted about four days.


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          >>When you say all protein breaky, you mean no fat no carbs thne?
          Healthy Fats including coconut oil are essential. Especially Omega 3 Oils & MCT Oils. Try to reduce carbs as much as possible, limited to veggies & green leafy veggies.

          >>From what i've read, the body can only handle 30-35g of protein at a sitting.
          Not true. The reason for eating a big breakfast is to stop you from snacking which screws up your metabolism. It is Carbs that readily turn to fat. By seriously reducing carbs, you need the increased protein & Healthy Fat to replace the energy lost from carbs. You will quickly determine how big your breakfast must be to stop the urge for snacking. It is permisable to skip lunch if you are not hungry for it. If you are not hungry for dinner, then eat a smaller breakfast.

          Your goal in the Paleo Diet is to modify your metabolism from a Sugar Burner into a Fat Burner. Your body has been severely spoiled by too much carbs (sugar) and doesn't any longer want to burn fat. Your body will actually start burning muscle & bone if there is no more sugar in the blood. The High Carb, Low Fat diet has created a nation of cripples - obese, heart disease, diabetes, leaky gut, cancers and the list goes on. You should read the book, Wheat Belly by Cardiologist Dr. Wm Davis.
          Wheat Belly | Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

          I have been Paleo for 1 year and have lost 6 inches around my waist, & 25 lbs. My biggest mistakes that have slowed down my weight loss was eating too many fruits and too many nuts and snacking on same. Fruits = Fructose = Blood Sugar. Limit fruit to no more than 1 helping a day if you want to lose weight. No more than 1 handful of nuts.

          How much weight are you attempting to lose?

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            not interested in weight loss in terms of numbers. I'm happy with how i am now except I want to lean up just out of vanity I guess - ha! So I tried your 50 g prot trick this morn w/ about 40g fat and like 10g carbs. It's 9am see if I can go till lunch time satiated. I don't crave carbs, just the nrg seems out of wack at times.

            I've read your not suppose to eat too much nuts but with 60% fat diet, and eating lean meat, I don't see the issue with lots of nuts. I eat almost 4oz but I also track my calories (have for over a year now on my ipod) and I keep my overall cals and percentages in check. So it's about the total fat per day not too many nuts. Yeah, I'm not totally sold on gorging on saturated fat, as there is more evidence of harm than good, but not to say that eveidence of "good" sat fat is not justified, don't get me wrong here. I have phenomenal cholestoral (ratio of <2 IIRC) so after a month or so i'll do a blood check and see what's happened. I suspect with increased sat fat (the good stuff i never eat crap) i'll still see a rise in cholestarol...proove me wrong kids!

            Anyway, i'm commited to this to see the results and thank all for comments and help and don't get me wrong, I did come here for insight to other's expereince and to learn from others.


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              iFreedom, my carb flu lasted about a week (roughly days 7ish-14ish). Lots of headaches and fogginess. Afterward I was fine.

              The issue with too many nuts is more about imbalance with omega 6 and omega 3 ratios, as well as the fact that they are dense little suckers with lots of calories, or at least that's my understanding from what I've read here. As far as calories / macronutrients, however, you already said you're keeping that in check, so I wouldn't wory about that part exactly. Here's a nice link with more info: Nuts and Omega 6 Fats | Mark's Daily Apple

              The 50g protein breakfast is awesome. It was the first time I was ever able to really make it to lunch time without being hungry. For me, it's too easy to snack on things, especially fruit or nuts, so I just have to limit myself to one item per day max on that front. Having a great big omelette in the morning is just awesome to me. I love that it curbs my hunger.

              Good luck with everything!
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                You probably will, indeed, see a rise in cholesterol. You should see a rise in the "light-fluffy" LDL. You should also see a definite decrease in VLDL particles -- but unless you specifically measure for them (see VAP test) then you won't know and the profile could look worse when it is actually better overall.

                There is a good Cholesterol thread on the forum. You will also be interested in Gary Taubes' book Why We Get Fat. Don't get sucked into the lean meat is better. Grass fed is better -- and you can get it mail order in Canada -- try Windsor Dairy Grass Fed Beef.
                Life is an ongoing Experiment of One, so here's to science!

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                  So was completely starving, I mean ravenous appetite come 1230 for lunch! And today was sunday meaning I didn't eat until 9am, normally for work I eat at 730ish, so no way I can make it to lunch on one meal unless it's like a 1000cals. I'll have to do some more research on protein per serving because to hit 1000 cals in one meal is a crazy amount of protein.

                  dkd2001, i suspect my cholesterol ratio will rise meaning bad cholesterol, but i'm just guessing here. Today was sluggish once again until I finally ate and again carbs were low at lunch.

                  I realize nuts are dense in calories, but watching cals and tracking % shouldn't be an issue. I would like to do less meals, but I'm not sure gorging at meals is appropriate considering I have to eat about 2600 cals/day to sustain my weight considering 5 days of cf / spin / running.

                  I hope this sluggy fog lifts but I am doubtful as I think it's not only a combo of low carbs, but simply eating sensible portions only 3 x plus 1 snack equals low cal which contributes to slug-dizz.

                  I'm not giving up yet, I do truly believe carbs are not great, but I'm might refer back to Zone if this lc-flu doesn't subside.


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                    PS, one thing I've noticed is that I'm not a slave to continuous snacking as I used ot always have to carry a food bag with veggies and some kind of protein. Getting used to slug-diz has made it easier to just go somewhere and not pack something to go. Although I usually carry some nuts in the car. And at night, I don't need to have munchies like popcorn or carrots al the time. I'm slowing freeing myself from the shackles of being around food all the time. I can do other stuff now... Also, 99% chocolate? Wow, fantastic! Took some getting used to but now it's just so rich and flavourfull.


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                      ^Agreed on the chocolate! I've only had up to 86% so far, but it's wonderful.

                      What's an example of what you eat for your meals on the average day? Also how are you calculating your calories?
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                        I ate like crazy while starting out and going through LCF - seriously like 3500 calories a day, easy. In particular I found that I was completely unable to acheive satiety - I would eat until I was basically too full to continue, and still be hungry.

                        Again, for me this lasted about four to five days. I have an occasional "hungry" day but for the most part my intake isn't particularly outrageous considering my activity level.


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                          Well I'm day 9 and still having issues. But yesterday I was able to do 3 meals and one snack before bed so manages to cut the grazing yesterday. Overall cals our down lately and have lost 4.5 lbs since staring 9 days ago. I'm concerned as the intent was no to loose muscle. Yes I'm leaning up ( I think) but that's too much weight too fast and I don't feel like firing back meat alm the time and now I don't feel like carbs either. Nuts are yummy so we'll see.

                          Yesterday was super tired about 30 min after lunch for about 2 hrs and some lightheadedness. Nbreaky is now almost 700 cals and same with lunch just to stop grazing.

                          Being a pessimistic I don't see this diztired going away... Crossing fingers


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                            I wouldn't worry too much about losing 4.5lbs - it's probably water weight rather that muscle to be honest. You could try double checking your body fat although be aware that few methods are that accurate. I tend to go by how I look in the mirror and how I feel in the gym - as long as I keep feeling strong, I don't worry too much.

                            I wasn't eating that many grains before I switched to Primal either but I still suffered with the light-headness and hunger like you. One thing that made a big difference was ensuring I was getting enough sodium/potassium/magnesium. I found this helpful: The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. Tips & tricks for starting (or restarting) low-carb Pt II

                            And you might find this long-thread helpful:

                            It does take time to adjust - it took me at least a month until I felt like everything was purring along. But you'll also have to constantly tweak to figure out what works for you. Some do best VLC others with more starch. And what works for you will also change over time.


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                              What are you eating? Sample meals?

                              My tiredness and brain-fog lasted 1-2 weeks, I don't remember how long now. It was worst the first few days.
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